The Houndstooth

Houndstooth Jacket Photo

The Houndstooth was originally a jacket for the working man back in the 50's. To look good, suave and sophisticated and perhaps even land himself a happening chick at the local barn dance, he would wear it with pride, thinking out loud to himself that he looked damned spiffing. It is a warm tweed type jacket, cut to be very snug fitting and leaving the man with the sensation that he was in a full body hug. No doubt, it has stood the test of time, I resounding win for all those concerned in it's inception. A credit to it's founding designers.

But in the year 1999, in looking for a reward for outstanding achievement to the Partridge Famulee cricket team, we needed to find something appropriate. Those responsible for the end of season presentation had to think of something that would fit the bill. In keeping with the Green jacket of the US PGA and the Gold jacket of the Adelaide Crows Football Club, we scaled the dizzy heights of such places as the Smith Family until finally, the much sought after jacket was found, saved from being put down, and would be known because of it's design pattern from here in as "The Houndstooth".

The first award was recognised in the summer season of 1999. Sticks, who'd won the zak tally was rewarded with such jacket at an emotional ceremony at the end of the first season. The moment almost brought him to tears.

As there were several problems with the zak tally, those being that most players weren't able to even reach the back net on the full, we decided to change the criteria for the trophy to that of the best player as chosen simply on statistics. The net score, that being, runs made with the bat, less runs conceded, would be tallied and those scoring the best would be given 3, 2 and 1 Houndstooth points respectively for their achievement. At the end of the regular season, the person scoring the most Houndstooth points would be awarded with the Houndstooth jacket at the end of season presentation night.

Not just anyone can wear the Houndstooth. The following speel I found in the inside pocket some months back. It is profound, if not spellbinding and must be inspiring to the winner and stir the emotions of aspiring Houndstooth wearers:

"If you are to wear the jacket, you must be a real man, a man's man, and you must endeavour to play cricket to the extreme realms of mediocrity. In trying to adorn the Houndstooth, I expect all players to excell themselves and achieve the heights expected of them to wear this wonderful jacket. For once you win the Houndstooth, you shall achieve everything in life you set out to and become immortal whilst in possession of the jacket. You will become sexually more potent, become stronger physically and pull chicks heaps quicker."

Happy Houndstooth point gathering.

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