Game Results

Season 8

281st May 2003FlotsamLoss124 vs 149-25
2722nd April 2003Rather Be DrinkingLoss61 vs 156-95
2622nd April 2003BushiesLoss112 vs 205-93
2515th April 2003BushiesLoss98 vs 178-80
249th April 2003One ShortLoss84 vs 100-16
232nd April 2003Sinister 6 + 2Loss97 vs 142-45
2226th March 2003BooniesWin147 vs 10542
2118th March 2003Adjust Your BoxWin129 vs 7752
2014th March 2003BushiesLoss144 vs 147-3
194th March 2003Rather Be DrinkingWin109 vs 8722
1825th February 2003WildcatsLoss84 vs 106-22
1718th February 2003Sinister 6 + 2Win138 vs 10236
1611th February 2003BushiesLoss86 vs 122-36
1511th February 2003Mod SquadWin164 vs 11648
144th February 2003Rather Be DrinkingWin168 vs 14919
1328th January 2003WildcatsLoss67 vs 132-65
1214th January 2003Tommos TomatoesLoss20 vs 133-113
117th January 2003Mod SquadWin176 vs 74102
1017th December 2002Rather Be DrinkingLoss79 vs 86-7
910th December 2002Hardley NormalWin109 vs 7435
83rd December 2002Tommos TomatoesLoss84 vs 152-68
726th November 2002Mod SquadWin210 vs 26184
619th November 2002One ShortWin135 vs 3798
512th November 2002BushiesWin142 vs 8062
412th November 2002BooniesLoss94 vs 161-67
329th October 2002WildcatsLoss89 vs 183-94
222nd October 2002Tommos TomatoesLoss65 vs 101-36
115th October 2002Mod SquadLoss125 vs 132-7
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