Game Results

Season 32

341st March 2016Here For The BeerWin149 vs 6881
3323rd February 2016Thrill KillersLoss53 vs 151-98
3216th February 2016Popped CollarsWin186 vs 49137
3116th February 2016Juicy HamLoss61 vs 212-151
309th February 2016Modern GurusLoss34 vs 116-82
292nd February 2016Its On Like Donkey KongLoss94 vs 158-64
2812th January 2016StonecuttersWin149 vs 1445
2722nd December 2015CookiesWin175 vs 10075
2615th December 2015Juicy HamWin125 vs 10223
258th December 2015ChuckersWin137 vs 6671
241st December 2015Popped CollarsLoss145 vs 147-2
2324th November 2015Monkey Knife FightWin142 vs 9646
2217th November 2015Its On Like Donkey KongWin123 vs 11013
2117th November 2015LFBLoss138 vs 175-37
2010th November 2015Thrill KillersLoss91 vs 133-42
1927th October 2015Founding FathersWin154 vs 13123
1820th October 2015Canberra RoyalsWin109 vs 2287
1713th October 2015Thrill KillersLoss85 vs 142-57
166th October 2015Dirty GypsiesWin207 vs 27180
1529th September 2015Monkey Knife FightWin177 vs 67110
1422nd September 2015Popped CollarsWin107 vs 9413
1315th September 2015Thrill KillersLoss83 vs 164-81
128th September 2015Here for the BeerWin202 vs 39163
111st September 2015LFBWin126 vs 8145
1025th August 2015FTBWin199 vs 35164
918th August 2015Canberra RoyalsWin194 vs 10292
811th August 2015Founding FathersLoss74 vs 103-29
74th August 2015Six or StixWin268 vs 59209
628th July 2015Here for the BeerWin201 vs 19182
521st July 2015Popped CollarsLoss116 vs 194-78
414th July 2015Canberra RoyalsWin153 vs 11439
37th July 2015Tittsburgh FeelersWin231 vs 75156
230th June 2015CookiesWin124 vs 8044
123rd June 2015Like A TigerWin159 vs 13524
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