Game Results

Season 30

3014th October 2014Founding FathersLoss59 vs 80-21
277th October 2014Leo Sully and the Funky BunchWin193 vs 11974
2630th September 2014Monkey Knife FightLoss78 vs 176-98
2523rd September 2014The Seven OnesWin99 vs 7524
2416th September 2014Leo Sully and the Funky BunchLoss120 vs 129-9
239th September 2014Dirty GypsiesLoss41 vs 208-167
222nd September 2014The HorsemenLoss22 vs 174-152
2126th August 2014BilbysLoss-24 vs 165-189
2019th August 2014Leo Sully and the Funky BunchWin112 vs 7933
1912th August 2014Them AgainLoss89 vs 134-45
185th August 2014Monkey Knife FightWin170 vs 7496
1729th July 2014Dirty GypsiesLoss60 vs 192-132
1629th July 2014Like a tigerLoss59 vs 257-198
1522nd July 2014Seven WondersDraw97 vs 970
1415th July 2014Founding FathersLoss25 vs 243-218
138th July 2014Thrill KillersWin141 vs 12516
121st July 2014The HorsemenLoss121 vs 137-16
1124th June 2014Dirty GypsiesWin155 vs 10451
1017th June 2014Butt ScratchersWin102 vs 2478
910th June 2014Like a tigerLoss67 vs 143-76
83rd June 2014Punjabi XILoss70 vs 82-12
727th May 2014Dirty GypsiesWin124 vs 6361
613th May 2014Popped CollarsLoss105 vs 116-11
56th May 2014Leo Sully and the Funky BunchLoss163 vs 185-22
422nd April 2014The HorsemenLoss141 vs 151-10
315th April 2014Founding FathersWin159 vs 50109
28th April 2014Like a tigerLoss111 vs 150-39
11st April 2014Punjabi XIWin84 vs 831
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