Game Results

Season 29

2125th March 2014Its On Like Donkey KongLoss101 vs 242-141
2018th March 2014Monkey Knife FightWin164 vs 12836
1911th March 2014Dirty GypsiesLoss144 vs 187-43
184th March 2014Thrill KillersWin133 vs 9934
1725th February 2014Leg side wideLoss94 vs 126-32
1618th February 2014Its On Like Donkey KongLoss125 vs 155-30
1511th February 2014The HorsemenLoss115 vs 126-11
144th February 2014Leo Sully and the Funky BunchLoss130 vs 192-62
1328th January 2014CookiesLoss74 vs 79-5
1221st January 2014The HorsemenLoss53 vs 141-88
1121st January 2014Founding FathersWin146 vs 32114
107th January 2014Dirty GypsiesWin147 vs 8562
917th December 2013Thrill KillersLoss52 vs 166-114
810th December 2013Leg Side WideWin160 vs 11842
73rd December 2013Mighty HawksWin184 vs 63121
63rd December 2013Monkey Knife FightWin178 vs 56122
526th November 2013Kerwins MobLoss68 vs 118-50
419th November 2013The HorsemenWin130 vs 8347
312th November 2013Leo Sully and the Funky BunchLoss170 vs 181-11
229th October 2013Its On Like Donkey KongLoss67 vs 146-79
122nd October 2013The SelectorsWin149 vs 5693
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