Game Results

Season 26

2613th November 2012The DucksWin110 vs 7733
2530th October 2012Leg Side WideWin176 vs 12947
2423rd October 2012The SnickersWin128 vs 10127
2316th October 2012Leg Side WideWin182 vs 10775
229th October 2012Sons of PitchesLoss93 vs 138-45
212nd October 2012LFBWin193 vs 11182
2025th September 2012The SnickersWin134 vs 11024
1918th September 2012Founding FathersLoss111 vs 145-34
1811th September 2012Len PascoeWin159 vs 8970
174th September 2012Leg Side WideLoss100 vs 150-50
1628th August 2012The DucksLoss100 vs 163-63
1521st August 2012Thrill KillersLoss27 vs 137-110
1414th August 2012Cause We CanLoss85 vs 152-67
137th August 2012Sons of PitchesLoss96 vs 107-11
1231st July 2012Punjabi HawksLoss136 vs 182-46
1124th July 2012ZenithLoss71 vs 124-53
1024th July 2012Kerwins MobWin118 vs 1171
917th July 2012Len PascoeWin135 vs 8253
83rd July 2012The DucksWin211 vs 12982
726th June 2012The SnickersLoss97 vs 126-29
619th June 2012Len PascoeWin119 vs 5861
512th June 2012Cause We CanLoss73 vs 129-56
45th June 2012Founding FathersLoss-2 vs 98-100
329th May 2012Thrill KillersLoss28 vs 212-184
222nd May 2012Kerwins MobLoss84 vs 85-1
115th May 2012Modern GurusLoss-4 vs 139-143
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