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14th March 2006

(Season 14 Game 12)

The night was never going to be a good one for da famulee, what, with an unusual 8.10 game the boys were a little tired, 8.10 being past their bed times or past the time when a dozen beers should have been consumed. Hersch looked at the board lazily as he walked in the door at the house or Blardyfarken and "oh crap" escaped his lips, moving upstairs to the compulsory pre games drinks advised who ever cared to listen that the opposition was none other than Preston and his pansies. Strike two for the night.

As game time finally approached and da famulee moved to the arena or mediocrity, Hersch being the first one down the stairs was duly appointed the C by Preston asking for a toss. Hersch mentioned briefly he was free to go for a toss anytime and that he didn't have to be involved. Strike 3. Da Famulee wanted to bat first, up went the coin, heads was called by Hersch, down went the coin with the silly swirly picture and platypus facing up. Doh! Strike 4. Preston elected to field. woo hoo a win. back to strike 3.

Hersch and Captian Ballsy (aka Forrest) went in to get it over with so as to resume the drinking before having to field. Forrest facing the first ball cracked it nicely off the middle of the bat straight into Hersch. and that was, it is fair to say, the best shot of the partnership as da famulee continued it's downhill slide. Hersch batted, if you could call it that, like a man with his eyes painted on, and surely it was a shite night. Forrest stuggled valiantly to keep the boat afloat but he no hope like a knight in a moat. Partnership of -2 with Forrest scoring 13 of those.

Sticks and Skip went in, Skip promptyly lost the RPS* and was bowled first ball. Yep it was going to be a great night. Skip also faced the next 5 balls straight bringing the partnership score to 3, surely this couldn't be an 8 ball? 7th ball the bowler managed to get the ball back in a position in Skips batting arc and he scampered through for a 2 leaving Sticks to face the last ball of the over. The next over was not so good for the partnership, Skip being bowled twice, stumped and with Sticks being stumped as well taking the team total further south. More ups and downs along the way saw the partnership steady, and finish with a 1. Miraculously no negatives. Skip finished on 1 and Sticks on 0.

As Knuckles wasn't around and Bevo kept pestering YCFTN about who was batting next, Kleenex and Mojo were sent in to lay waste to the opposition. This may not have been the intent, more the fact that batting bevo with knuckles would piss both of them off and since the rest of us were having a shite night, then they should not miss out. :) Both gents batted well with Mojo scoring the only Zak for da famulee on the night, Kleenex hit a nice NB to the back net for 5. Yes Kleenex you did hit the back net but the three wickets you lost after that do have a negative affect to your score. Mojo scored a beautifully etched out lazy 30, I say lazy as 12 runs came from leg sides and a no ball. Maybe YCFTN should have stood on the other side of the bat, then he may have scored some easy runs.

Knuckles and Bevo turned the strike over nicely, however as Knuckles move the score forward, Bevo moved the score backwards by getting more outs than scoring shots. Now if these scoring shots were 7s then it may have turned out better. Knuckles 23 Bevo -21. Team score after 16 overs 35.

There was never any doubt about how the game would end. The pick of the bowlers was Skip who bowled a very nice 4/-2 and Sticks 3/5. Nothing really special happened in the field, each partnership scoring 30 odd until the last over when strike ordinary bowler who gets wickets every week Kleenex came on. YCFTN was hoping for another haul of wickets from the nude bowler, ahh my eyes!!!!!, alas was not to be 22 coming off the last over, allowing Preston and his boyfriend, sorry partner to get 50.

Famulee a poultry 35 - Prestons Bothers Brand 136.

Kleenex 25 Wickets in a season

Some mediocre batting and some horendous batting by YCFTN.

Hersch - worst batting since Season 9 game 4 (about 110 games)
- worst bowling for 4 games
- worst net worth since Season 11 Game 1 (about 70 games)

Kleenex - worst bowling for 11 games
- worst batting since last game
- worst net worth for 11 games

Forrest - worst batting for 5 games
- worst bowling for 10 games
- worst net worth for 5 games

Bevo - worst Batting perfomrance ever
- best bowling since last game
- worst Net Worth Ever

Mojo - best batting for 4 games
- worst bolwing for 5 games
- best net worth for 2 games

Sticks - worst batting for 2 games
- best bowling for 7 games
- best net worth for 4 games

Knuckles - worst batting since last week
- best bowling since last game
- best net worth for 4 games

Skip - worst batting for 9 games
- best bowling for 17 games
- best net worth for 11 games

and thankfully for YCFTN games played can not go backwards like his batting, YCFTN Herschelle is now the leading game player with 238 games with Schlang on 237.

*Rock, Paper, Scissors for the uninitiated.

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