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20th September 2005

(Season 13 Game 19)

The night got off to a great start for the kitty, with Jacko supplying still wet shirts and copping a "Captains discretion" fine. The mob we were due to play had obviously got caught up in a BlardyFarken Double, Repecharge, Makeup for the games you could potentially miss but haven't yet situation as they were bowling out the previous game, struggling to win.

I decided if I had any choice to bat them first, as hopefully they'd be too tired to swing vigourously. As it was I didn't get to see the toss of the coin but Wazza indicated through the bar window that we were to bowl anyway.

Forrest opened the bowling, with a loverly display of wide of the pitch bowling, providing enough variety to keep the batsmen guessing too. Two leg-side wides and a no-ball (off the pitch) providing the kitty with its second donation and we were only one over old. After the first four overs, the opposition had 32 runs and I had a bowler blow out his knee, uncertain whether he'd be able to continue. Micky Holdom hobbled down to the extremely silly point position to rest the leg & give it a go.

The next four overs saw 23 runs scored by the opposition, 14 of them off Kleenex Kids first over. By now we were starting to see a few catches grassed but a few more good chances taken too.

I mixed the order up a bit in the next eight overs, with the fellas bowling 9 - 12 getting away with keeping the opposition to only 12 runs (definately mark myself down to chase that skin I was thinking). A quick Paper, Rock, Scissors in which Sticksy Papered my Rock, meant that I was bowling number 16. Knuckles took up the pill for over 13 and got 2 for -5 and off to a good start. The Kleenex Kid backed up from his 0/14 to give us a wicket, 1/22 (unfortunately for Pabs this pairing only made 13 and 22 of them off his over). Sticks finsihed with a 2/0 including a magnificent LBW given by Wazz for a ball that was only just going to hit Leg stump if anything, but with no shot offered or attempted Wazz raised the finger and the Famulee were rewarded for their hard appealing. I finshed up with a 12 ball over that included a stumping and two catches, 3/-1.

The opposition back into the field having to defend 83 runs and Mary raising his hand at the back of the ground which everyone spotted & ended up having to buy 9 beers.

The Chad & Boof started us off, well Boof did anyway. The Chad managing a bowled and a Run Out in the first over for -8. They both dug in after that and chasing the biggest skin of the night only finished one run short, 31 to the oppositions 32, with 24 of those runs coming from the mighty bat of Boof.

Micky H, who had managed his last over taking two steps and claiming to spin the ball, managed to bat out his four overs with Knuckles. I should've had these two chasing the first skin, they came off with a score of 52, of which Mick had scored 34 himself. If Knuckles hadn't got himself stumped and caught in the eighth over he would've been looking a lot better than the 18 he finished with too. The Partridge Famulee on 83 runs after two pairs, equal to the oppositions total. Surely.....

True to my self promise I chased the lowest skin, and to bolster my chances took Sticksy in with me to help ensure we didn't miss it.I managed to run myself out twice and Sticksy once, but they were the only wickets to fall (as Wazz having given one LBW wasn't inclined to give me out no matter how many times the pill hit me on the legs and the oppostions unwillingness to appeal). I personally reached the skin target at 12 runs and Stika-tec managed 16, to put Da Famulee 28 runs ahead with one pair to go....


Forrest and Kleenex.


Their first over saw a Bowled (Forrest) and a Run Out (Kleenex) finishing with a total of one.


Da Famulee's lead = 29


The next over saw Forrest caught twice and run out once. Kleenex run out twice. The total for the over at -19.


Da Famulee's lead = 10

Sure, it was starting to look bad. But they'd pick it up from there wouldn't they. Surely....

Over number 15 saw Forrest score six runs and not get out. Unfortunately, Kleenex was again Run Out (thats four in three overs Pabs) and Caught for a total of -7, meaning the overs total was again a negative, -1.


Da Famulee's lead = 9

Please, please,please, please, please do better. This was the thinking in my mind. Roll a smoke, go outside, don't watch the car wreckage I thought.


What a turn around. Forrest scores nine runs, no outs. Kleenex manages eight runs no outs.... the over total is 17 and Da Famulee win by 26.

The kitty ended up with around 13 gold coin donations, very healthy. As I indicated earlier, there were a few dropped catches but they were balanced by the greater efforts to get to the ball and as many were held. Well fielded all on the day. As Captain for the Night I also declare the following fines:

1. Micky H for not appearing upstairs after the game, lame arsed excuses like "I've completely done my PCL in my knee" will not hold water.
2. Kleenex for dissing the bar-wench & stating that Tracy is "untrustworthy".
3. Jacko, as previously stated, for supplying wet shirts.

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