Kincaid Chronicle

9th August 2005

(Season 13 Game 13)

Opposition Mod Squad
Result : WIN 122-98

I arrived at the hallowed bar at 5.30 p.m. and was greeted by the rest of Da Famulee "G'Day Jacko" ..........
"Who's captaining tonight?" I exclaimed, "who do I pay my $12 to?"
"You are!!!!!!!!"

I began to shake uncontrollably but managed to find a lucky 5c piece flipped it in the presence of the umpire and called heads, my first victory as Captain and we were having a bat.

Mary(27) and Boof (21) Partnership 48 - After 4 (48)
Mary was on fire after 4 quick beers before the game and comments like "I'm going to Mankad someone tonight"were not missed by his Captain after his innings. A regular sledger of the ump when in the field was an angry man all evening.Boof played a quiet yet controlled innings.

Jacko(21) and Herschell(18) Partnership39 - After 8 (87)
off to a slow start, but rallied in the final two overs.

Sticks(6) and Schlang(10) Partnership(16) - After 12 (103)
An uncharacteristic innings from these two not many sixes sighted.

Knuckles(29) and The Chad(-10) Partnership(19) - After 16 (122)
Poor Chad could have walked away from this match with some valuable houndstooth points had Knuckles not continually set him up with run outs. He fell victim to Knuckles and his often ridiculous shot selection and inept running between the wickets. In the end it was a who can get their partner out the most fest.However in the last over they both rallied and we ended up with a reasonably competitive total of 122. Knuckles top scoring for the team with 29.

Our bowling was to mirror our Batting order due mostly to the captain's laziness but The Chad's brilliance with the ball and a perceived close finish meant Chad would be bowling his two in quick succession and Sticks and Knuckles would be given the responsibility of limiting the partnership of the last pair.

Mary (15) and Boof (14) missed the first two overs as Mary and Knuckles were arguing about who should wicket keep
Herschell(10) and Jacko (21) - Herchell bowled well /Jacko (average)
The Chad (-2) and Schlang (13) :The Chad collected a few scalps and was putting the ball on the spot with monotonous regularity and was asked too back up for another over 2 overs later such was the damage he inflicted upon the opposition.The Chad was well supported by Schlang and the oppositions slide had commenced

The Chad (-4) and Jacko(13) .
The Chad backed up his first over with another tidy second over our opposition were on the ropes Jacko supported well but remained wicketless.
Herchelle (8) Boof (-5) Andy (-3) Schlang (6) continued the demise.
Final 4 overs were bowled by Knuckles(-1) and (22) and Sticks (-3) and (4)
Knuckles and Sticks bowled with flair and accuracy their first two overs each putting the nails into the coffin of our opponents Knuckles second over taking those nails out of the coffin. I can't talk as my bowling was ratshit. Sticks bowled on the spot in the final over and the opposition were goooooooone.

The umpiring was:
(d)Ratshit throughout the game

The umpires sexuality was called into question on a number of occasions by Mary all players with frequent poor decisions relating to the odd run out, wide delivery or L.B.W.

HoundsTooth Points:
3 : Andy
2 : Boof
1 : Herchelle

Commandment 3 Clause 20 states:
"All players must attend the upstairs facility after each game"
Only The Chad , Herchelle, and Jacko were in attendance after the game whilst Knuckles is excused due to umpiring duties.

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