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28 March and more banter from Gadj

(Season 2 Game 6)

shenshashional schtuff that Schlang

Good to hear the team got up in our absence.

We're having a ball over here except that Luke's still singing the F&*^$%g Collingwood much so that I catch myself singing it when having a private moment. To say that it was painful sitting at the MCG was an understatement. Not sure how many friends I made, seeing as I spilt beer on a Wobble supporter before the first bounce, and then called him a "F*cken Clown" in response to him slagging me, berrated my own supporters for leaving early and generally pis*ed everyone off.

We managed to get into Colonial Stadium to see the Saints comeback against the WCE, by entering free at 3/4 time and found ourselves cheering and carrying on when the Sainters kicked a goal - must've been cos we were souped up on bourbon?!

Off to see the Cats take on the Kanga's this week. We can only hope that Colonial Stadium falls in on top of itself and kills all the dumb ass players so that Carlton's game gets transferred to Optus.

"Good old Colling................" BASTARD!

Time: 9.30
Date: 28 March 2000
Location: Weston ICA
Ground: WACA

The 'Partridge Family' had concerns early as they were only able to field seven players against a new opponent 'Speed Kills'. Those concerns were increased when Tony told the team they were in B grade but it was quickly resolved that they were to be in C grade. Tony's reason for the Partridge Family being put up a grade - We beat a team that is in C grade, but a quick look on the back of the team sheet saw we lost to the team and in fact that team is in the bottom grade.

Inzy's seniority saw him propelled to captain, with the absence of Gadj who was too upset to face anyone after Calton's massive defeat on the weekend and the fact that he is in Box Hill. A loss of the toss saw the Partridge Family batting first and the team quickly pushed Inzy and WA WA out to prevent the opposition from practicing too much. After two overs the pair were struggling at 1 but a superb comeback saw them bring the total to 20. Mojo and Trev were next and faced some very good bowling but were just as good and came out with a partnership of 35. Next in - Peter 'Two dots' Bolton and Jason 'When can I face' Wright. A magnificent partnership of 45 of which 24 runs were wides, no balls and leg side wides. The final batting pair brought Big Al and Two dots (who was nominated to bat again because the opposition didn't think it was fair that he wasn't bowled anything on the pitch). A valiant effort saw the team finish at 110.

Jase, Two dots, Inzy and Mojo bowled the first four overs and the Partridge Family were in big trouble. The first partnership amassed 62 runs, the game was all over bar the fat lady singing. WA WA set the team right by bowling for -2 in his first spell but the game still looked bleak. Things got worse when Two Dots and Jase gave the opposition an extra 25 runs and defeat was looking straight into the Partridge Families eyes. A good spell by Trev of -3 brought the second partnership to 20 but only 29 runs shy of victory. Big Al, WA WA, Inzy and Trev bowled well to the third batting pair allowing only 8 runs to be scored, some improved fielding also helped the team by managing 4 run outs in the session. The final batting pair required 21 runs to win the game, this was going to be close. Big Al proved we can win this game with a great spell of -5, the smell of victory was in the air. Mojo bowled his second over and the batting pair comfortably scored 10 runs, the game was on a knife's edge. The nomination of WA WA and Mojo to bowl again sent Weston ICA into silence - this may have also had something to do with all the other games had finished. WA WA's spell cost 9 runs leaving them 7 runs to win the match, could the Partridge Family snatch defeat from the jaws of victory as they have done so on many occasions. Mojo's first four balls went for 8 runs, the game was theirs, and sensible batting would see them to victory. Then a miracle, the next 3 balls result in 3 catches and the last a run out. The Partridge Family win again and proudly keep their number one spot in C grade in tact.

Final scores: Partridge Family - 110 defeated Speed Kills - 92

PS: Stats to follow.

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