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14th of June 2005 – SCG – 6.50pm

(Season 13 Game 5)

Game 5 Season of 13 and the 2nd of allegedly 495 repechage games scheduled for the preseason knock-out grading competition, and who better to face than old foes Mod Squad, sporting a familiar face in Gards, cha-ching.

Umpire- Lips*

The Line Up-
The Chad

After playing game 1, Hersch called the toss and threw a hospital ball straight behind over pack and nominated the newly anointed QM2 aka Mary as captain for the first time. Stunned as freshly hooked mullet, and with careful consultation**, the decision was to bat and the first choice as captain for QM2 was to send in the coldest two players, The Chad, replacing Forrest from the first game and Sticksy, fresh from -13 with the Bat and a net worth of -44. And things didn’t look good early with quick wickets and consistent lack of run scoring; the scoreboard looked broken, as it flashed at -6 after 3 overs. Then the heavens opened and runs finally flowed from Sticksy bat as the put on 29 to come out with a respectable 23, with The Chad 11 and Sticks 12

Second pair was Hersch and QM2, with some aggressive batting by Hersch and some batting as tame as new born puppy by QM2; they pushed the score to 45. Hersch carried the partnership with 16, while QM2 scored just 6.

Next out was Knuckles with the unlucky Bukkake, and they had to face a fired up Gards, and never recovered. The scoreboard was again broken at -16 before some batting which resembled the swinging of a rusty gate, saw them recover to put of 6. Knuckles 14 and Bukkake -8.

The final pair saw Schlang and Boof score consistently, and with plenty of spooned wwuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnssssss to the safety of the circle, and put on a classy 23, with Schlang 20 and Boof 3. The Famulee posting what looked like a weak total of 74.

The first four overs went to sticks (2/5), The Chad (1/10), Hersch (1/4) and QM2 (2/10) with the pick of the bowlers being The Chad who should have had plenty of wickets and Hersch who bowled tight, however the Mod Squad were looking comfortable on 29 after 4 overs.

The second four were much more fruitful, as the skipper decided to use the turning SCG pitch to put pressure on the Mod Squad Bunny. Boof (1/2) bowled like he was possessed by Wa Wa, Bukkake (2/-6) bowled brilliantly, followed by Schlang (3/-9), and finally Knuckles (2/8) who bowled for wickets or zacks, and included a mankad cha-ching. And the Mod Squad was reeling at 23 after 8 overs.

The third pair was again contained by the unlucky The Chad (1/9), QM2 (2/2), Schlang (4/-7) who again bowled like a man possessed, and Boof (1/5), as the Famulee stole the skin, leaving Mod Squad struggling at 27 after 12.

Cries of surely were uttered as The Chad reminded us of his pre-fielding prediction, that we could defend 80. Bukkake (1/5) bowled well again and followed by Hersch (0/16) who was unlucky. Knuckles (0/16) was third after QM2 followed through with his threat of bowling Sticks 1st and last. Mod Squad in control needing 11 to win. And so it was all up to Sticksy (1/12). The First ball was uneventful, but the second brought one of the best examples of making an easy catch look hard, as QM2 showed the turning circle of his namesake, to take a catch just of the turf. Some lackluster umpiring throughout the match became increasingly evident as some very questionable wides were called and with one ball to spare the scores were tied. The final ball brought the drama it promised, with an edge to BOG*** Schlang, unable to take a difficult reflex catch at point, as the Mod Squad stole a victory.

Special mention to Schlang 20 runs and 7/-16, picking up the 3 points with a net worth of 36, with no other Famulee member earning a positive net worth.

* It is possible that Lips is more blind than Wazza
** May of been because of the need of a beverage
*** Best on Ground

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