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31 May 2005 – WACA – 6.50pm

(Season 13 Game 2)

Game 2 of Season 13 and first catch up repechage game of the season.
Opposition – Bushies Umpire – Waz

* Herschelle (Clint Fritz)
* Mojo (Morris Wilson)
* Bevo (Mark Bevan)
* Andy (Andy Lobel)
* Sticks (Luke Hickey)
* Schlang (c) (Peter Bolton)
* Cracka (Alan Hughes)
* Bails (Scott Bailey)

After playing game 1 against a top grade side, the second game was against our former grade bunnies – the Bushies. This game also saw a new debutant to the purple and lime green – Alan Hughes aka Cracka, aka Hurl, aka Huuuueeeeeeeyy (these will be explained later).

The toss of the coin saw Boof make the call in the absence of any one taking the captaincy. After winning the toss and declaring we will bat, Boof headed home. At this point Schlang took up the prestigious C role and promptly sent in Herschelle and Mojo. These two seasoned veterans did not disappoint the captain and piled on an already defendable total of 56.

The second pairing of Bevo and Andy saw the runs continue. Andy looked a likely contender to break the zak record after hitting three zaks in the first over. But the pressure got to the young fella who could only manage 5 zaks. At the end of their four overs they had piled on 48 runs. Mind you 43 runs were attributed to Andy.

Sticks and Schlang took the third pairing. Sticks had already claimed after winning the three houndstooth points in the previous game that he is due a shocker. And unlike the previous game where Sticksy was swinging the willow with euphonious delight his perception was spot on and amassed a superb total of 1, while Schlang actually made runs this week and carried the load with 18.

The final pairing brought together Cracka and Bails. Cracka was doing it tough, sucking in the big ones. But it wasn’t until he was bending over at the bowlers end that someone noticed and pointed out the tear in his trakkies in the buttocks region. Hence the name Cracka emerged. The boys fought through with a respectable 32. With this Cracka achieved the first negative with the bat (-3) – Cha Ching!!!!

After setting a reasonable and surely defendable total of 155 da Famulee took to the field.

The first four overs went to Bevo, Andy, Cracka and Mojo who kept the batters down reasonably well with a final partnership of 28. Being captain it was a little concerning to see Cracka sucking in the really big ones after his over, not wanting to be the first captain to have a player die on him it was decided that he won’t need to bowl any of the next four overs.

Herschelle, Schlang, Sticks and Bails took to the second pair and kept them down to 26. Quite frankly it was an uneventful, uninteresting four overs that poses little interest to write about.

Cracka started off the third pairing and was taken apart with his Wa-Wa-esque grenades (0/19), followed by Bevo, Herschelle and Schlang. In Herschelle’s over the usually ever reliable Mojo dropped a dolly and subsequently walked off the court holding his thumb and screaming in pain (on the inside). We were down to seven and the last pairing will need to pick another bowler to take the injured Mojo’s second over. Anyway the third pair made 31.

The final pairing had Sticks, Andy, Bails and the lucky candidate to bowl the last over was none other than Cracka. They finished with 29 runs and a team score of 114 giving the Famulee’s first win for the season.

After the game and all the handshaking the debutant Partridge had seemed to disappear. It was soon mentioned that Cracka had actually gone outside to have a vomit, heave, chuck, spew, hurl, hello to uncle Huey. I’m not sure if this has happened in Partridge history before, but it is a great feat to be able to obtain several valid nicknames in the first night of partaking in the glory of the Partridge. Hail Cracka – you have done us proud.

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