Kincaid Chronicle

Grand Final 24th May 2005

(Season 12 Game 27)

As Your Captain For The Grand Final (YCFTGF), my first move of the night was the call of the toss, which I promptly lost.

Schlang & I opened the batting and after sabotaging each others shot making with some dodgy running between wickets, we had finished with a solid but not spectacular 22.

Next up was the ex-Novocastrian double act of Knuckles and The Chad. The pair lapped up the pressure crafting an uncharacteristically sensible partnership of 45.

Hersch & Forrest were inserted next, and while Hersch had some trouble picking the straight deliveries, Forrest propped up the partnership with some lusty blows; the end result being a partnership of 39.

Rabs & Sticks carved out 39 more runs against some sharp bowling to close out the innings and leave Da Famulee with an eminently defendable 145 on the board.

And so, we strode out to bowl.

Hersch opened up with the new ball and generated a mountain of swing, but unfortunately only a molehill of control. Schlang, The Chad and Knuckles followed and after putting the brakes on their early momentum we had restricted Todds 1 & 2 to 56.

The 2nd pair of Todds were held in check by some tight bowling by Rabs, YCFTGF, Sticks and Schlang. At the halfway mark of the chase WTVIII were 77, but the Partridge bowling attack was struggling to find the wickets it was after.

The third pair came out and bored the fans to sleep (restricted by some good bowling). They lost no wickets, hit no Zaks, and obviously have no b@lls. They scored all 30 of their runs in 1's & 2's. It was quite clear by now that the Todds were being secretly coached by Paul Roos.

With the score on 107 and the final pair due, the game was delicately balanced. So to counter this YCFTGF went to his two most unbalanced bowlers, Forrest & Knuckles. Both produced terrific overs to leave us slightly ahead with two to go. Having learnt from previous captaincy mistakes, YCFTGF elected to bowl the next over and leave the 16th to some poor patsy*. Over no 15 was another snoozer with no wickets and no zaks, thus leaving the pressure squarely on Rabs who faced the impossible task of bowling to a pair of tools intent on blocking their way to a hollow victory. Rabs to his credit bowled well but without luck and although he tried get them swinging with a well-timed "that's gay" call, the Famulee were defeated by a solitary run.

Yes Rabs, that is gay.


*may have actually been Rabs.

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