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12th April 2005 - Game 2

(Season 12 Game 22)

Match 2 vs The Bulls. A team who we have not played before and do not appear to be in our grade, but since when has that stopped Blardyfarken? Game 22 of the season.

11 Straight wins and Herschelles 200th game for the club. Could the steaks be any higher? Could the run continue into the finals in some 36 games time or have the famulee peeked too early? Very hot and sweaty Herschelle sent the fresh batsmen Forrest and Sticks into open the batting, comments of "your a c^&*" and "yes, that's why he is clintface" were heard but the captain was unperturbed by such frivolous remarks hoping the witty repartee would bouy the troops into another fine performance.

Sticks being 11 runs shy of reaching 600 runs for the season went out to open the batting with Forrest who requires 10 Zaks to reach 100 Career Zaks. Surely they couldn't possibly achieve this double milestone! Very early on it seemed unlikely and the first 2 overs scores were -1 and -4 respectively. The third over brought some semblance of cricketing ability to the for bringing the partnership and team score to 3. Then the wheels really feel off with Forrest skipping through what he obviously thought were tulips as he was stumped not once but twice removing 17 runs from the scoreboard in the last over. Bringing up a couple of fines for negative batting and negative partnership. A very shaky start to be sure, the captain was starting to worry, however the first game proved that da famulee could step up to the mark and come back. Forrest did not hit any Zaks and now Sticks is 30 runs short of 600 runs! So no they couldn't achieve either milestone tonight.

Rabs and Mojo were sent in next to hopefully steady the ship and right it's currently wayward course. And this they did amassing 35 runs in the first 3 overs to bring the team score to 21. Surely they couldn't go backwards from here! Well yes they could and did losing 9 runs in the final over to bring the team total to just 12 measly runs. This was not looking good, not good at all. Especially since no Zaks had been scored by da famulee in 8 overs and more so given the 4 of the most likely candidates for hitting Zaks had just finished batting.

The Chad and Skip were next up starting with a flurry of wickets in their first over, Skip being bowled on the first ball of the partnership as the non-stirker. What The F^&%! What are you doing Cotts? Looking back to the previous pair Mojo apparently faced 2 dot balls as the non striker before Rabs was Run out. Huh? A -9 after their first over sent the team score tumbling back towards 0. The rest of over were pretty much up and down leaving the field with a partnership of just 4 runs. The team score now say at an unhealthy and jaundiced 16.

Oh deary me. Da famulee would need something speeeshall here. Knuckles and Herschelle need to bring da famulee home. Hmmm Their first 2 overs were not good, once again the team score headed back towards the 0 mark. There was a 1 in front of the 0 at the end of the 14th over. Surely da famulee couldn't finish in the negatives! Not if Knuckles could help it they wouldn't opening in the 15th over with a Zak. Knuckles and Hersch managed to squeeze out 18 runs, bringing the score up to 28. Which if 28 was a partnership would be an acceptable score, however as a team score after 15 overs was probably not that good a total to defend, even in da famulees good recent form. Not perturbed by the situation they set about rectifying the shambles of the scoreboard in the final over with Knuckles finishing the innings with a Zak and the final partnership tripling the team score boosting it to a very mediocre 48 runs.

Eine Milestone
Herschelle 200 Career Games - 2nd Partridge to reach this awesome milestone

Houndstooth points went as follows:
3 Herschelle (16)
2 The Chad (4)
1 Skip (-7)

A total of 24 fines were collected for the night. A very healthy feeding for the kitty who will probably sleep for a month after such a large donation.

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