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12th April 2005 - Game 1

(Season 12 Game 21)

And so it came to pass that da famulee had to play a double header repacharge catchup game where no catch up game was required. Not only was this blardyfarken double instituted Blardyfarken himself made da famulee play the late time slots for their double header. la da da da la da da da la da da da hey! So 8.10 and 9.30 it was. This club is farked! :)

The even started off with a few minions arriving early eager for Reuben pizza's and da houndstooth presentation from a season far far away, so far away people can't even remember it. So back to the annuls of history the historian Hersch went in search of the lost houndstooth count from Season 11. After a sojourn to the depths of the Kincaid mansion amidst partridge paraphanaliea and memorabilia the elusive tooth table was found. He dusted it off and headed back up the stairs to the light returning the basement to dark and dusty quietness.

Pizza's were ordered, paid for by yours truly, your welcome, and then collected. More of the hordes arrived to the sweet sweet smell of pizza and beer. Having declared the late comers, late, warming beers were drunk and the pizzas attacked with gusto. The houndstooth was present by Hersch in the unfortunate absence of Houndstooth MC Schlang due to a family emergency. Our thoughts go out for Tanya and pray for a speedy and complete recovery. The 'tooth arrived with Herc, Season 9 winner, who passed it to Sticks, Season 10 winner, ready for the announcement. Herc was looking after the much coveted 'tooth whilst Sticks was away overseas bhunting about. Having used it as a beer coaster for his coffee table in the study he thought he should turn up tonight to avoid finage for not bringing said 'tooth to the presentation. Up to about round 15 the tooth was still tightly contestable however after this it pretty much got away from the rest of the field.

5th Schlang 12
4th Knuckles 14
3rd Boof 17
2nd Forrest 17
1st Rabity-bob-bitty-babity-babs 25

Sticks handed over the 'tooth, the 'tooth which magically fights all who are worthy, from Sticks M frame to Rabs XXXL, the 'tooth fits morphing it's form and shape to the wearer. On a count back Forrest finished ahead of Boof by playing less games and acheiving more 3 pointers during the season.

So with Houndstooth presentation over, beers drunk and pizza eaten, Boof was declared the captain as his comeback game after a short time off for a broken finger after it was lodged so far up his nose the doctors had to break his finger to remove from deep inside his nasal cavity. Could he keep the running streak, the pressure mounting on every subsequent captain. Could he possibly make it 11 wins in a row and take da famulee's tally to 16 and 5?

Match 1 vs Bushies. Game 21.

Hmmm ? Someone owes a match report !

A number of milestones were reached during this exciting demolition of the Bushies.

* Herschelle 50 Wickets in a Season
* The Chad 25 Wickets in a Season
* Mojo 300 Career Wickets
* Knuckles 300 Career Wickets
* Skip 150 Career Wickets
* Bukkake 150 Career Wickets

Even though the Bushies were defeated by 96 runs, Herschelle still managed to end up with a negative net worth of -4!

Houndstooth points went as follows:
3 The Chad (28)
2 Bukkake (23)
1 Mojo (15)

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