Kincaid Chronicle

Partridge Famulee vs Warwick Todd VIII

(Season 12 Game 18)

Balls 1 through 255: Nothing out of the ordinary.

Ball 256: Having courageously taken on the responsibility of bowling the last over, YCFTN found his team one run behind with the opposition batsman simply needing to defend the final delivery to end Da Famulee's winning streak. However, YCFTN had other ideas.

Having observed earlier the striker's penchant for cross bat swats, YCFTN charged in and delivered a subtly and deftly 'overpitched yorker'* straight down the middle of the Corridor of Uncertainty. Time seemed to slow momentarily as the helpless batsmen waivered between leaving, defending or swatting the oncoming nut. An instant later the eery hush that had descended on the House of Blardyfarken was broken by the sound of an inside edge followed by the tumbling of stumps. Da Famulee erupted into calamitous celebrations, and the winning streak was preserved.

Your Captain For The Night,

*may also be referred to as a "Full-toss"

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