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8th March 2005

(Season 12 Game 16)

Season 12, Game 642. Just 168 more games in the regular season before the top 23 teams go straight to the finals and the last 7 spots are contested in the repecharge.

Bukkake was crowned captain early in the week and promptly set to throwing his weight around, calling for stackhats AND footy socks to be worn on the occasion of his attempt at Millenium Run Glory*. Don't we just love 5.30 games especially when Sticks runs late. All the SMS's in the world won't save you my friend, and the sound of Cha Ching is heard as the first ball is bowled by the Bushies, following a successful "Head 'em up!!!" from Boo-Cake. Batting first because Sticks wasn't here, and so no one could pearce off early, the first pair of Herschelle and Forrest put on a lovely 53, Herschelle passing 300 season runs at the end of the second over. Not a zak to be seen but some solid batting and no wickets falling put some pressure on Bukkake to continue his losing streak as captain. Careful of those suspensions fellas, I can see some wild swinging and careless running happening next week.

Rabs and Schlang were the next to bat, Bukkake thought this might bring some mediocrity to the total but he was sadly mistaken, another 49 to the total meant we would probably have a defendable total, which would require some ordinary fielding to pull off a "Suuuuurely". One lonely zak (and one Bevo) to Rabbity Bibbity Bobbity Babs after 8 overs.

Sticks had finally shown up, so he was promptly sent in with Noo-Clays, the hope was that the attempts to out zak each other would lead to a bag of wickets and bugger all runs to show for it. Just the one zak each but unfortunately Da Famulee were 147 after 12 overs.

Bukkake and The Chad anchored the innings, and the anchor was seemingly rocketing along the bottom after 15 from the thirteenth over. The last ball of said over was smacked for a Bukkake zak high into the middle of the back net to bring up the big thousand, but he was promptly stitched up by The Chad (otherwise known as c0ck head) with a lovely bunt and run runout. Bastard. 37 from the final pair after they tried to get to 50 from 27 in the last over.

184 runs to bowl at, it was going to be tough to lose it from here.

After hearing all the whining and moaning** from The Chad about not getting a bowl at outdoor he was thrown the new ball and bowled without luck in his first spell, the fielding was mediocre without being sloppy and it showed on the score card. Bushies reached 33 after 4 including a Knuckles mankad (Cha Ching).

Rabbity Bibbity Bobbity Babs, Hersch and Schlang all put in single figure efforts for the second skin, with Stix*** as usual letting the team down getting smacked for 12. Knuckles hit Bevo with a vicious bouncer, prompting the offer of a stackhat from The Chad. Much rejoicing was heard from Knuckles when the ball was declared dead and he was offered another shot at the littlest man at Weston Indoor. Two skins to the P&LG**** and 124 was Bushies' target from the last 8 overs. Suuurely...

Bushies' third pairing managed 26, or should I say one of them did, scores of 26 and 0 to the batsmen, with not much to report, a couple of wickets to Rabs and then something happened in over 12, don't ask me what becuase I think the umpire had a seizure, either that or there was a kiddy in the box with a crayon, what a mess. Things are looking good for Da Famulee with almost a ton up their sleeves going into the last skin.

10 wickets in the last four overs, coupled with some desperate but lusty Bushie hitting gave the game to Partridge, Bukkake saved himself to last and a hat trick off the last three balls of the game sealed a foreskin win, putting Da Famulee in good shape for the run home to the finals.

Enjoy. Love your work.

*Trademark DaFamulee.Com 2005.
**May not actually have been whining and moaning.
***Otherwise known as Sticks.
****Purple and Lime Green

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