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Toozdae December 7, 2004.

(Season 12 Game 5)

Time is 5:30 – (just for something different!)
Venue is the House of Blooooodyfaaaaarkin.

On an afternoon of humidity and raindrops the size of the yellow cricket ball we were about to use, Da Famulee gathered. In the bar we gathered, which is always a good thing! Sadly, our opposition, the “4 Skins” hadn’t gathered enough players and it was decided that they could bat and we’d take the field. Not a good start for Captain Forrest, as he’s no chance of having a ‘win’ in the early stages.

Before a ball was bowled, the sound of ‘cha-ching’ could be heard, as 9th player The Chad, hadn’t realised that only 7 players were on the pitch and was required. It took him 2 overs before he joined Da Famulee. ‘Cha-Ching’ could also be heard as Mojo was a no-show!

Despite a sketchy scoresheet and a failing memory, our first 4 overs weren’t too bad, overs 5 through to 8 were a little better. Run-outs, catches and some other sensational work in the field had Da Famulee in a good position at the half way mark of the “4 Skins” innings.

Overs 9 – 12 saw a galant effort from Knuckles and Herschelle when given the ball, and Sticks certainly ‘owned’ the back-net, moving faster than a dodgy vindaloo. Still, the score climbed.

The final 4 overs meant picking 2 batters again, as the “4 Skins” had only 6 players for the night. Given the warm night and the pelting of rain on the roof, Captain Forrest thinks that 2 batters again would prove that they were too tired to swing the willow. How wrong he was! Despite Bukkake’s ever turning deliveries and a fine 16th over from Sticks, the “4 Skins” had amassed 150 runs.

Given that Da Famulee was on a winning streak of 3 games prior to this match, confidence was up. Surely we could go 4 straight wins? The team has easily chalked up scores of over 150 runs in previous games, so it was within reach, or so we thought…

Bukkake wants to open and it’s soon realised why. Swinging more than a dunny door in a force 10 cyclone, it proves to be his undoing. Cries of “Bring Wa Wa back from retirement” could be heard from the seats of the MCG. Unfortunately, the writing was on the wall, but we figured that it was probably yet another Blooooodyfaaaarkin grading game of round-robin, repocharge proportions and it was really about the Tooth Points.

Bukkake, Schlang and Skip all recorded negative scores with the bat.

Knuckles was in fine form, blazing a zak, as was Herschelle fresh from a recent outdoor game. Even the The Chad managed to trouble the scorer. Sticks chipped in with 4 zaks, only to learn that 3 were recorded against his name. The 4th going to Captain Forrest. Aaah, the scoresheet never lies, despite his protests!

In the end, Da Famulee lost to the “4 Skins” 150 runs to 66 runs.

Knuckles is awarded the 3 Tooth Pints for his 26 runs with the bat and only 7 runs taken off the 2 overs he bowled. 2 points to Herschelle and Sticks picks up the 1 remaining Tooth point with a net worth of zero.

The kitty was the winner (again) on the night.

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