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7th September - Season 11 Game 18

(Season 11 Game 18)

It was a cold and rainy night as Da Famulee gathered in the house of Blooooodyfaaaarkin for our typical 5:30pm game. (Does Blooooodyfaaaarkin know of any other time to schedule a match for us?) Anyway, our opposition was to be Mod Squad. A side we’re familiar with, although not with a great track record.

Captain Forrest learns from the upstairs bar that we’re to field. (Who decided the toss?) Anyway, as Big Al was holding the ball as we entered the ‘MCG’, Captain Forrest dutifully informed the big fella that he could open the bowling. A cautious start from Big Al, then Forrest has a bowl (and has 23 runs smacked the over), followed by Schlang with no wickets, with the 4th over from James who bowled without luck. Mod Squad’s 1st batting pair knock up a lazy partnership of 50 runs.

Their 2nd pair come on and faced the wrath* of Boof (*may not actually have any wrath) but his nude-nut was certainly intimidating! A good over with one wicket. Then it was Rabs who took the ball and picked up a wicket but was also zaked into the back net. “Bring on The Chad” was heard* (*may not actually have been mentioned at all) and a tidy over conceding 6 runs and The Chad collected a wicket for his efforts. 8th over saw ‘Boo-Cake’ come from keeping duties and produce 2 wides and 2 no-balls in his 1st over (cha-ching) and their 2nd batting pair finished with a partnership of 31 and Mod Squad were 81 after 8 overs.

Surely we could come back from here????

Come back we did! Tight bowling from James, Rabs, Schlang and Forrest saw their 3rd batting pair make a total partnership of just 5 runs. Captain Forest being the best with a minus 5 from his second over and Schlang picking up minus 3 off his 2nd over.

Mod Squad were a total of 86 runs after 12 overs.

The 4th and final pair for Mod Squad come out to face Boof’s 2nd over and it all started well with just 10 runs conceded, including 1 wicket. Big Al also picks up a wicket in his 2nd over and their batters take 8 runs from his over. Surely we could keep Mod Squad to a modest total? Sadly not, as The Chad has 21 runs belted off him and then Bukkake’s last over for the innings costs 28 runs. Deary me….

After 16 overs, Mod Squad have amassed a total of 153 runs.

So, from the ‘G’ Da Famulee come in, and Captain Forrest says, “Okay, who wants to open the batting?” Nearly everyone puts their hand up! For a moment, even 9th man Herschelle wanted in on the action! But then we realised that there’s only 1 ‘Fat Bastard’ shirt to share amongst 3 blokes, so Bukkake and Schlang take the honours.

Not a good start from the lads, as they were minus 1 after their 1st over, but they did improve with some masterful strokeplay and power hitting from Boo-Cake. This included a couple of zaks from Bukkake and 1 from Schlang. Despite their gallant efforts, we fell 6 runs shorts of the skin, but were a total of 44 runs after 4 overs.

Second pair of James and Captain Forrest were next. Captain Forrest faced first ball, cracked it into the back net for a zak, only to be run-out! Turned a lovely 7 into a minus 5! Still, some lofty batting from James pushed the score upwards, including a zak from the ‘fill-in player’ in the 6th over meant we were in sight of a skin. Plenty of “Wa Wa Sways” were there, but oh dear, spoke too soon, as Forrest and James had a couple of outs and the skin went begging. Their partnership of 23 runs pushed Da Famulee total to 67 runs after 8 overs.

We were still on track to being competitive and winning the game. Surely we couldn’t lose it from here???

3rd pair of Rabs and Big Al were off to a flying start, taking 17 runs from their first over, which included a boo-tiful zak from the Big fella. Their 2nd over wasn’t so kind, as Big Al undid all his good work by being stumped, run-out and caught in successive balls. In fact, Big Al faced 7 of the 8 deliveries in the over and narrowly avoid the cha-ching! It wasn’t much better after this, as Big Al again continued the trend of getting out while Rabs swung the bat every time he got to face. Still, another zak to Al and Rabs finding the side nets nicely in their last over together produced a partnership of 31 runs. We won a skin. Whoo-Hoo! Our total was 98 runs after 12 overs, compared to 86 runs for Mod Squad at the same stage of proceedings.

Again, the cries of “Surely…” were heard as our final pair of Boof and The Chad took their stance on the ‘G’.

Their 1st over wasn’t good, to say the least, as it was obvious that the least was what these guys were doing! Boof was run-out and caught, The Chad was also out to a catch and they were minus 8 after 1 over together. Chalk up another zak for the team, this time from The Chad in their 2nd over, while Boof was caught out again. Subsequent stumpings, a run-out and 3 more outs from catches in their innings and Boof and The Chad had gone ‘pear-shaped’, taking our score backwards. They finished with a minus 24 partnership (more cha-chings) and Da Famulee ended up with a total score of 74 runs for the night.

Batting figures:

Bukkake – 18 runs
Schlang – 26 runs
Forrest – 16 runs
James – 7 runs
Rabs – 24 runs
Big Al – 7 runs
Boof – minus 17 runs
The Chad – minus 7 runs

Tooth Points:

Schlang – 3 points (positive net 22)
Rabs – 2 points (positive net 11)
Forrest – 1 point (negative net 2)

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