Kincaid Chronicle

3rd February 2004

(Season 10 Game 14)

The afternoon of February 3, 2004 and the selected side gather at the House of Bloooodyfarken for our 5:30 game against Royals.

Looking every bit splendid in the newly adorned atire of the 'Wife Beaters', Captain Forrest flips the coin for the opposition who call 'Heads', and 'Heads' comes up. Royals win the toss and decide to have a bat.

Seeking a bit of pay back from a previous game, Forrest elects Sticks to open the bowling and we're off to a good start of minus 1 after the first over. Schlang doesn't quite reproduce the goods with the yellow ball, along with Skip and Forrest, who all get carted for 11 runs each. After 4 overs, Royals were at 32 runs.

Bring on a change of batters and bring on the Great Man Wa Wa, who sends down some gems of handgrenades, one of which sees a run-out. Tight bowling by Boof and Mojo followed, but Knuckles has 2 zacs cracked of his over. After 8 overs, royals add another 18 runs to be at a score of 50.

Skip begins over 9 to a new batting pair and bowls without luck. Then Sticksy picks up another 2 wickets. Captain Forrest comes on to no avail (17 runs) and then Wa squared finishes up with a couple of wickets (including a lovely stumping from Knuckles) for 3 runs off his second over. After 12 overs, Royals have moved onto a total of 82 runs.

Final pair face up to Schlang who's first ball results in a run-out, but it was downhill from there, going for 15 runs. Boof mixes up the delvieries to go for 8 runs, Mojo's second over goes for 8 and the final over from Knuckles produces only 2 runs. (I think there was a cha-ching for a man-cat in there somewhere...) Royals amass a total of 115 runs form their alloted overs.

A quick change-over and Knuckles and Boof head off to open Da Famulee's batting. A cautious start by the lads and no wickets fell in their 1st 2 overs. Their 3rd over wasn't good for Knuckles with 2 stumpings, Boof cracked a zac (sadly, no pizza) and Knuckles came back strongly with a zac in their 4th over. Fine effort to be 41 runs after 4 overs and a skin is secured.

Second pair of Captain Forrest and Sticks promised sooooo much.....the usual top net work from Sticks? Sadly, no. Apart from Stick's zac, it was all downhill, remembering that it was only 18 runs for the skin. Surely we could reach that! After our alloted 4 overs, Forrest needs to work out in the gym and strengthen his leg muscles, as he now has to 'carry' Sticks just that little bit more. The pair finish with a grand total of 17 runs and the 2nd skin goes begging.

After 8 overs, Da Famulee has 58 runs.

Our 3rd pair of Mojo and Schlang head out onto the SCG. Their first 2 overs provided cautious batting with Schlang out a couple of times, but their 3rd over saw the boys come out swinging. A zac to Mojo and Schlang each and they pick up a lazy 16 runs in one over. Mojo works the ball into the back net again for another zac in their final over and finish with a partnership of 34 runs and another skin for Da Famulee.

After 12 overs, we've got 92 runs on the board and a lead of 10 runs for the corresponding period to the Royals.

4th and final pair of Wa Wa and Skipper head out. Surely we couldn't lose it from here! (At least I think that was said from the comfort of the upstairs bar! Or was it Herc just simply lining up more beers?)
Anyway, the Great Man showed us all the power of the sway and Skipper left a few wide deliveries in their 1st 2 overs and added 12 runs to the total. We were getting closer to another victory. Could this be 5 in a row? Well, it was about this time that Boof mentioned, "You know it could all go pear-shaped?" Truer words have never been spoken....

Royals saved their best till last. Over 15 saw the score go backwards by 18 runs with Wa Wa out 4 times and the last over had Skipper run-out and Wa Wa bowled twice for a minus 10. The boys finished with a partnership of just 4 runs.

Final score:
Royals - 115
Da Famulee - 76

Losing margin of 39 runs.

Batting efforts:
Boof - 28 runs
Mojo - 21 runs
Forrest - 18 runs
Schlang - 13 runs
Knuckles - 13 runs
Skip - 4 runs
Sticks - chaching
Wa Wa - chaching

Better Bowling efforts:
Sticks - minus 1 & 3
Wa Wa - 3 & 5
Mojo - 0 & 8
Knuckles - 8 & 2

Tooth Points:
3 Boof (15)
2 Mojo (13)
1 Knuckles (3)


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