Kincaid Chronicle

November 11, 2003

(Season 10 Game 2)

Time: Six-fiddy
Season : Ten
Game: Two

It all started with a loss of the toss, as ring-in Captain Forrest, (who took over the Capaincy from Bukkake-Boy), who was a late withdrawal from the game, called 'Heads' but it turned up tails. The fact that we made 8 players was something of a miracle! Our opposition, Bevo and his co-horts of "Hugh Jass" were lucky to find 4 at game time, and felt that they could bat in the vain attempt that more of their side would turn up. (The fact that we had secured one of their players in Rabs didn't go down well....)

So off into the field go Da Famulee, fresh from their bronze performance as Partridge Masters, and what a sterling start it was. Opening the bowling was Sticksy with a wicket, then Big Al with a wicket, Schlang with 2 wickets and Rabs also in the wickets. Despite a flurry of wickets taken, the fielding was a bit ordinary at times (in true Famulee style) and their 1st pair made 30 runs.

Enter the 2nd pair for 'Hugh Jass', which included a girl (no, not Bevo but one of the female variety) who did their best to score from the bowling of Forrest, then Herschelle, followed by beautiful grenade work by Wa Wa and then Muz, who let a couple of balls go a stray, but it was nothing compared to Muz's 2nd over...
Their 2nd pair added 16 runs and after 8 overs, the total was 46.

The halfway mark was reached, and Captain Forrest is beginning to think, "Gee, we've never had the opposition at less than 50 runs by halfway..!! Surely we couldn't go backwards from here?"

Well, strangely enough, with Bevo and Mark batting for 'Hugh Jass', it seemed Da Famulee mediocrity was a thing of the past. Again, strong bowling by Sticks, Big Al, Schlang and Rabs and a number of catches saw their 3rd pair add 7 runs and after 12 overs, their total was 53 runs.

Now seeing as 'Hugh Jass' were still running short of numbers and looking for ring-ins where possible, we needed to pick another player, and seeing as Bevo was walking off after his innings, Captain Forrest decided to give him another go to 'redeem' himself, words Forrest later regretted.

Bevo and his batting partner put a total 51 runs on the board for the 4th pair, which included a zac off Forrest's bowling, 2 zac's off Wa Wa's 2nd over and a zac off Muz's 2nd over. To be fair, one of the zac's off Wa Wa's over wasn't really a zac, but a great piece of fielding by Herschelle. Umpire Wazza didn't record it that way. Pity, but as they say, the scoresheet never lies! Wa Wa, the great man, did perform one of the greatest relfex catches during this period off Herschelles bowling. To say it was a gem of a catch would be an understatement. Muz's 2nd over also included something like 6 wides, which were all to be bowled again, prompting cries of "Possibly 7 to come..." For a moment there, it was hard to tell if Muz had actually recovered from the Masters Games or was simply trying to recreate an on-field performance that mirrored some pub in Dickson and spilling good alcohol over his chest! Still, the kitty was the richer for Muz's 2nd over. After 16 overs, our target was 104 runs.

Surely we couldn't lose it from here????

Well, Captain Forrest elects Sticks to bat with him ('cos he can!) but sends Schlang and Big Al into open for Da Famulee. I should also point out that the usual scoreboard for the SCG was stuffed, which made chasing skins a little difficult. It's hard to know what your chasing when you cant see it! A cautious start by the gents and they were 20 runs after 2 overs. On target to take the skin. Opps, spoke too soon....Several wickets in their 3rd over and again in the 4th, and the lads finished with 25 runs, 5 short of the skin.

Second pair of Wa Wa and Muz head out. Surely the boys will step-up and take on Hugh Jass and put the Famulee in a winning position? Lessen the load for the remaining batters? Well, maybe not. Despite Wa Wa and Muz facing the female player twice with her bowling during their 4 overs, run-outs, a stumping to Wa Wa and Muz bowled by the girl (how embrassment!) the total moved on by 7 runs. We were now 32 runs after 8 overs.

Our 3rd pair of Rabs and Herschelle knew their task, particularly Rabs, as he was facing his 'old' side and would surely know their strengths and weaknesses. The boys did well and amassed 17 runs in their 1st two overs faced, knowing they only need 7 runs for the skin. Their 3rd and 4th overs faced were not kind for Herschelle but for Rabs it was all good and probably fortunately so, as we came out with another 13 runs added to our score and we were 45 runs after 12 overs.

Final pair of Sticks and Captain Forrest head in, needing 51 runs for the skin and 59 runs to tie the game, a 60 run partnership to win the match. Surely, based on the teams performance that night, we could get close? Strange as it might seem, the final pair nearly pulled a miracle off. Stolen runs, several zacs by each player, Sticksy's consistent abuse of the top net and it all came down to the the last few balls on the 16th and final over. Sadly Sticks was caught out twice in the 16th and Da Famulee finished 4 runs shy of a tie, 5 for a victory. We finished with a total of 100 runs. Got the skin though...Oh, and a few of Wazza'a "Ooooonnneee".

Final scores:
Hugh Jass 104
Famulee 100

Batting Highlights:
Sticks - 30 runs
Forrest - 25 runs
Rabs - 20 runs

Bowling Highlights:
Schlang 3/-2 and 2/3

Check the website for the 3, 2 & 1 tooth points.


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