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9 September 2003

(Season 9 Game 19)

With a long season entering its (approximately) final 34 games, Da Famulee gathered around for the dreaded 5:30pm time slot against Flotsam... well when I say gathered, I mean partly gathered as there were a couple of players missing from the action. With no sign of Big Al or WaWa, some frantic phonecalls and gesturing of hands towards the bar were made as the game commenced.

Starting with only 6 players on the court (cha-ching), Da Famulee were in trouble early as the batsmen picked the gaps... something they no doubt would have done anyway with the full complement of players. Skip, Schlangy and Sticks were all carted while Hersch bowled a fine over to keep the first pair to a respectable (not) 45 runs.

The cavalry arrived (Thommo the bar wench and Bevo the bar fly) for the second batting pair and Da Famulee had a full squad on deck... it mattered little as the second batting pair made 42 runs with steady (and annoying) bunt and run action from the bowling of Bevo, Thommo, Knuckles and Forrest.

The third pair struggled against some tight bowling with Schlang, Bevo and Thommo all bowling without luck while Skip (Son of WaWa) excelled with 3 for minus 10 for the best bowling figures of the night. With only 27 from the third pair, Da Famulee were hanging on grimly.

The last pair were in trouble after Hersch took three for minus chew, but rode their luck towards the end with some arsy bounces and missed runout chances proving costly - Sticks, Knuckles and Forrest bearing full brunt of the 38 partnership.

And so Da Famulee left the SCG chasing a gettable total of 152 runs, while Tony Blardyfarken was heard to be offering odds of 150 to 1 for a Famulee win.

Blardyfarken was sweating after 4 overs though as Knuckles and Thommo carted the bowling to all corners of the court for a marvellous start of 64 runs. Knuckles played the steady hand without losing a wicket for 33 runs, while Thommo registered a couple of zaks to complement a couple of beautifully spooned catches and departed with 32.

Forrest and Sticks were up next and continued the run feast adding 44 runs - Forrest scoring the bulk of the runs mixing his trademark slogs with some textbook legside swaying action for 26, while Sticks put the soup ladle away to score 18 runs in the final over (and three zaks for the night) for his final tally of 18.

Da Famulee were in with a big chance on 108 runs with 8 overs to come and Blardyfarken was on the phone to find out how much he could sell his brothers kidneys for on the blackmarket.

Bevo and Schlangy strode to the wicket full of confidence - they were brought back to earth by the Flotsam quicks though (and dodgy non-legside calls), and struggled valiantly for their 13 run partnership. A couple of late wickets to Schlangy (along with some vintage two dots work) saw him end on 5 runs while Bevo carried the load with 8 runs.

Hersch and Skip entered the SCG needing 32 runs for a magnificent victory and to send Blardyfarken to the cleaners, but alas the first ball told the tale of the night. A bunt, a call of yesnoyesnoyesnoshit, and a run saw Skip runout on the first ball and their night did not improve after that. Hersch was left stranded in the first over with Skip being credited with 7 of the 8 balls delivered. 4 runouts and 3 catches shared between them were the difference between glorious victory and another mediocre defeat - however it was not all bad news as the boys scored minus 4 each and the kitty welcomed their hard earned contributions.

So in the end a disappointing loss 39 run loss to Da Famulee against a highly beatable opposition.

Best batting: Knuckles with 33, Thommo with 32
Best bowling: Skip with 3 for 1, Hersch with 4 for 3

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