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Claytons Elimination Final

(Season 8 Game 26)

(The elimination final where you don't get eliminated)

The night started off early as Blardyfarken had the Partridge Famulee playing two games 5.30 and 8.10. Once again the Blardyfarken system had seen the Famulee make the finals for its eighth consecutive season. With a number of the Famulee's players (about 65 of them) being quarantined with SARS saw the Famulee only able to field 6 players (not what you want when you are playing a final).

We lost the toss and were sent into field.

Hersch, WaWa, Forrest and Muz took to the batsmen first, or should that be the batsmen took to these four first. Only Forrest was able to make this batting pair struggle taking 2 for -1 with the other three going for a collective 52 runs and no wickets.

Schlang, Herc, Bukkake and WaWa took the following four overs to the second batting pair hoping that they could bring the opening pairs score down a bit. Unfortunately hope doesn't equate to doing and the pair made a solid 39. After 8 overs Bushies had amassed 91 runs.

Overs 9 to 12 were taken by Forrest, Muz, Schlang and Herc. Thankfully the opposition run rate was slowed down as the pair could only manage 35 runs.

The last four overs saw Forrest and Schlang recalled for an extra over, even though they were the best bowlers on the night with Forrest going for 2 for 12 and Schlang 2 for 15. Unfortunately the last batting pair could bat and smashed each of the bowlers for plenty. The batting pair made a handy 79 bringing Bushies score past the 200 score (205).

To the bat……

Bukkake and Forrest were sent in to open, and open they did compiling a magnificent 59 runs. Surely the Famulee couldn't win it from here…….surely!

After the fine display Schlang and Herschelle came in to give the Bushies some more whoop-ass. Herschelle faced first and sent the bowler packing with an almighty zak - runs seem to be too easy to get. 19 runs off the first over, victory could be smelt in the air. The crowd of four were pumped as there cheers were stifled by the stubbies in their mouths. Things went pear-shaped from there on as the following three overs only managed an additional run. This brought a partnership of 20 runs, not a huge knock but it was a positive and still kept the Famulee in the hunt.

Muz and Herc took third batting pair and big things were expected from these two power houses. Three overs in and the pair were looking at a flashing scoreboard of 15 (that is negative 15 for those who haven't been to a game lately). Surely the boys couldn't get a positive from here. Muz and Herc saved the best till last, smashing 20 runs off the last over - Herc hitting 2 zaks. The crowd was amazed that Herc could hit more than one zak in a game yet disappointed that the pair didn't finish on a negative. A 5 run partnership with 8 runs to Muz and Herc -3 (even with the two zaks).

Muz was chosen to bat again, it was either that or he was too stuffed to move and the Bushies just said you may as well stay. Joined at the crease with him was the great man WaWa. The pair only needed 112 to win, surely the man who can bend backwards to touch his toes could save the day. Although there was lots of swaying the pair made a respectable 28 runs losing the game for us by 84 runs.

To the bar……..

The usual suspects were back at the bar (Herc, Herschelle, Muz and Schlang) waiting for the next game and wondering if there will be enough players for the next game. In the meantime, Bushies leg sweeping midget, Paul, asked if we wanted pizzas - 3 pizzas ordered and Paul delivered the pizzas to our table. There is nothing better than getting flogged by the opposition and then they get the pizzas for you. Well, it probably is better if we flog the opposition and they get the pizzas and beers for us, but never mind.

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