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Bad Tie Tuesday Number 2

(Season 8 Game 21)

The Famulee gathered at Blardyfarkens for a battle against the Famulee wannabes "Adjust Your Box". The captain of the night Herschelle was fined before proceedings began cause he is a dud and forgot to bring a tie. His lame attempt at blaming Gadj fell on deaf ears. Cha-ching! Muz "I just came from overtime" and Al both Cha-chinged, no ties, duds! Ah the kitty is getting fatter by the week.

Captain Hersch, sent the dynamic duo into lead the charge, well get a defendable total that the rest of team could whittle away in the subsequent 12 overs. Never the less the partnership was cruising along nicely until the worst bowler at weston second only to Bushies Paul was brought into the, um, proceedings shall we shall. Bowling poo off the pitch for half the over and bagging 2 wickets to keep the pair to 4 runs for the over. Once the boxers brought on a better bowler then the fireworks began again 22 off the final over. Another respectable score by the boys of 52.

Next in Skip and Hersch, travelling well after the first over. The wheels came off for Hersch being run out by a bunch of fluky bastards who couldn't hit anything all night until Hersch was running. 4 run outs a caught and a bowled for Hersch to finish of with hmmm -14. Skip tried valiantly keep the other end up and famulees nose above water but the score slipped back to a nice round number of 50.

Boof and Bukkake started beautifully stealing a run whilst the Box's were asleep at the wheel and scoring 16 off their first over. Looking set to contest the first partnership total. In their third over the brakes were put on in a low scoring affair with two wickets against Boof. In the forth over the work rate picked up, stealing extra runs until the last 2 ball of the partnership. Boof cut shot into the side net and Bukkake called him through unfortunately for Boof, Bukkake had run too fast to the strikers end and Boof was run out at the non strikers end having only progress a couple of steps down the pitch. Unlucky Boof if only you hadn't crossed. Out of mutal respect for Bukakkes fine efforts, Boof now at the non strikers end, simply started walking off the field as the final ball was being bowled, which bukkake hit and ran, of course there was no Boof so Bukkake was run out on the final ball of their partnership. Great work.

Calls of "Surely" started early in the second partnership as Muz struck a zak and Al was caught the very next ball. Rotating the strike at regular intervals they had ammased 33 runs going into the final over, at which point the lads decided to open their shoulders and blasted a well round 20, pipping the dynamic duo at the post to grab the highest partnership of the night, 53. Bring the famulee total to 129, defendable on most nights of the week as long as you are not the partridge famulee.

Bukkake opened the bowling for the famulee, gettings spanked for 20. This was not a good start as the captain shook his head in dismay. Into the attack brought on three of his guns bowlers Muz and Skip who kept the batsmen to 10 runs off their last 3 overs.

The next skin was always going to be a tuffy. -2 is not an easy target to defend, but try thou must. After Mojos second ball, Wazza advised the attendees that the skin had been acheived, the fact that it was acheived prior the batsmen having faced a ball was beside the point. So in reply Mojo bowled the batter the very next ball. Spoke to soon had young Wazza. Hersch boweled without luck, yeah yeah nothing changes. Sticks and Al finished off the batting pair only allowing their partnership to move forward 1 run.

The third batting pair scored a measly 7 thanks to some very good bowling by Muz, Skip and Bukkake. Well most of Muz bowling was good except for the one ball he sat up for the batsman to blast into Big Als right ear, fielding in the Wawa position. Bukkake snatching 3 for -9 in the batting pairs final over but all was not over for poor old Al as he once again was hit in the head this time his left eye was the unwilling target of the batsmens agression. Al with fiery ear and pulsating eyeball took his revenge out on the final batting pair snaring 3 for -7. Mojo and Boof both finished their spells with good figures and into the final over. Always ready to make a show of it the famulee once again impressed with an unlucky over by Sticks where he was hit for 19.

Hersch had a disastorous night with a massive net worth of -38.

Final scores Us 129 and them 77.

Karma if you ask me, you just can't rip of da famulee hawians and expect to win.

3. Al 24
2. Mojo 23
1. Muz 21

Milestones Acheived:
Big Al 2000 Career Runs
Boof 150 Career Wickets
Skip 100 Career Wickets

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