Kincaid Chronicle

4th February 2003

(Season 8 Game 14)

Well, it was another hot gathering at the Blloooddyyffaaaaarrkkiinn 'House Of Pain' for Da Famulee, who were set (after several warm-up ales) to take on the team known as 'Rather Be Drinking'. Yes, we'd rather be drinking, considering how warm it was!

Anyway, in true form and showing his true dedication, Muz was named and appeared out of 'sue-doh' retirement (somewhat lighter on cash) to return, with the words, "I'm not going to make another negative score!" It was nice to see Gadj also named for an appearance, which dutifully occured after a long absence.

So, in true fashion, I lost the toss. (What was I thinking when I called 'Tails'?) We were sent into the field, and with fond memories of Herc reminding me, "We can't chase", I'm confident that maybe we'll turn it around (for a change).

So, Big Al is set to open the bowling, with Knuckles overheard saying, "Starting with the big guns, huh?" (Perhaps he just wasn't ready as keeper?) A fine start by the big fella who snared a wicket in the first over. Second over by Bukkake-Boy was a little expensive, then Schlang bowled without luck and Gadj decided bowling several no-balls was a great way to save 5! After 4 overs, the score was 46.

Forrest began to the next pair, picked up a wicket. Then Muz picked up a wicket. Wa Wa threw in a few of his legendary grenades, picked up 2 wickets and then Knuckles didn't pick up a wicket. In fact, some nice Knuckles bowling saw him start his first over well with a couple of dot balls, but then got hit for 1, 1, 4, 1, 2, 2. After 8 overs, the score was 67.

Third batting pair decided to have a bit of a 'Tonk-Fest', although well held by Muz in their first over faced. The great man Wa Wa got 'tonked' for 28 runs, Schlang went for 13 runs and Gadj for 13 runs. After 12 overs, the score was 121.

Okay, so we're lucky to reach 100 runs as a team, let along chase more than 100, and we still had a final pair to go!

Bukkake-Boy reeled in some runs with a wicket, Forrest with a run-out in the 14th over off his own bowling, Big Al coping a small towling and Knuckles wicketless in the 16th and final over, including a zac of his last ball.

Final score for the 'Rather Be Drinking' team, 149 runs. Could've been less had Bukkake-Boy held a few catches. Ah, the sound of Ka-ching is a sweet one.....

In pursuit of victory we go, with Big Al and Knuckles to open for Da Famulee.

A cautious start, but by their second over, Knuckles decides a zac is required. Pretty to watch and to much applause by the gallery. Third over, another zac off the Knuckles bat, only to have his work undone next ball when he's run-out. Final ball of the 4th over and Knuckles slams another zac, complete with the thud sound off the pizza sign. One would've thought that with all the 'spoons' going round during the first 4 overs, that we could just eat with our fingers! But no, the ump awards no pizza, despite protests from the gallery and Knuckles questioning the umps' sexuality. Almost the skin, we're 41 runs after 4.

Second pair for Da Famulee of Wa Wa and Bukkake-Boy saw them amass 10 runs after their first over. (Perhaps we could keep up with 'Rather Be Drinking'???) But a couple of outs to both players saw the score still trickle on, and believe it or not, the lads finished with 28 runs between them and had secured the skin! Perhaps it was all that wonderful swaying by the great man that put the field off??? After 8 overs, the score was 69.

Third pair of Schlang and Gadj saw some power hitting. Well, Gadj certainly strikes the ball hard! So hard in fact, that 2 zacs were recorded, resulting in Gadj's 50th career zac. Unfortunately for Schlang, the calls of 'watching' were noted, as he watched the ball bowl him on several occasions. Despite their best efforts, they put on 49 runs and missed the skin by 5. After 12 overs, the score was 118.

Final pair of Muz and Forrest, remembering that Muz's intentions were to make a positive score. First ball faced by Muz was a single, so that's a positive. First ball faced by Forrest was a zac. It pretty much set the scene for the final 4 overs. Plenty of hard hitting saw us equal the score of the opposition before long. Then the calls of 'Surely we couldn't win it from here?" could be heard, and with 1 over still to be bowled, caution took over and we finished with the skin, a partnership of 50 and final score of 168 runs.

Victory to Da Famulee!

Runs scored:
Knuckles: 18
Big Al: 23
Wa Wa: 13
Bukkake-Boy: 15
Schlang: 16
Gadj: 33
Muz: 16
Forrest: 34

Captain Forrest
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