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17th December 2002

(Season 8 Game 10)

What a night it was set to be. Herca was facing his huuuuge milestone (again) of 1000 career runs, and while amassing such amazing figures he had also managed to take 198 wickets (and wickets taken never go backwards).

So as we prepare for the game we have Herc aiming for the 1000 run and 200 wicket target (a true all rounder) and Mojo staring down 200 wickets too. Herc had been passed the skippers arm-band and was set to lead the Famulee to a historic record breaking night.

It started with a win - and elected to bat.

Herc sent Boof and Knuckles out to start us off on the front foot, Knuckles managed to hit a couple of zacks, but unfortunately after the first pairing we finished with a total of 10 runs - all scored by Knuckles and Boof on what was "technically not a negative, its just a nothing).

Next in was the run out kings - Schlang and Herca looking down the barrel of achieving his milestone (after 8 weeks of trying). Let me start by saying that with even only 2 runs to get, it was always going to be a challenge achieving it with Schlangy at the other end. To look up and see just how prepared Bukkake was didn't help either, what a magnificent effort. The big numbers prepared to count down the runs. And the partnership started in fine form .. Herc scored 4 runs to reach 1002 only to be run out on the second last ball of the first over - back to 997. Then first ball of the second over...yep Herc gets run out again...992. From then on Herc managed to score a further 17 runs with no more wickets - a total of 2 for 11 and a total of 1008 runs. The first milestone is achieved (although next week would be a challenge to ensure the total remains in excess of 1000) Schlangy finished with a finely crafted 10 runs for a total of 21 from the pairing.

Fine support from those holding up the numbers at the end of the court, had the umpire and the opposition (Rather Be Drinking) joining in the fun too.

The third pairing was Muz and Skip. Muz provided an exhibition of big hitting and getting out. After 4 over he'd been run out 3 times, bowled once and caught once and hit one zack to finish with a fine knock of 5 runs. Meanwhile at the other end, Skip had pushed and prodded and occasionally connected willow and leather to amass 19 runs, the best individual contribution so far with an innings that was highlighted by a complete lack of wickets or zacks or even balls that managed to get further than the front half of the nets, but had contributed, in no small part to one or more of Muz's run outs. What finer example of team play and Houndstooth point harvesting could be seen. A true Famulee player.

The last pairing were Sticks and Mojo, ready to prop up the so far ordinary looking score. The ladle Sticksy would normally bring out went missing...nothing off the top net into the back. Although the fine use of the forward side nets and one caught and one bowled, saw a fine 14 runs scored. Again at the other end Mojo had been dabbling and dicking around managing to score a massive number of 9 singles, 1 double and 1 four, combined with 1 bowled saw 10 runs for Mojo.

The Famulee all finished with a total of 79 runs to defend. Surely we couldn't.....well maybe just possibly.

The next milestones to be achieved were a double 200 - wickets for Mojo and Herc. Again, Bukkake supported from behind the back nets with the numbers raised to ensure everyone knew where they lay.

Herc opened with the erratic but quick Muz. What a first ball - we saw a leg side wide that the opposition tried to run off, only to come short and achieve a run-out. Turning a certain 2 into a minus 5.

A mixed bag came from the Famulee in the field. A few overs going for plenty and a few very tight ones that saw the team manage to save 2 of 4 skins.

Mojo managed 3 wickets, achieving his milestone in his first over with a run out and two more in the 16th over to finish with 202 career wickets.

Herc managed to achieve his milestone of 200 with a caught, then a bowled of the next ball to be on a hat-trick and 200 career wickets, only to snatch a 3rd wicket. Not a hat-trick though - 3 balls later and 2 into the 15th over managed another bowled.

Rather Be Drinking managed to drag their way to 86 runs, and a win. The Famulee saved 4 points with the 2 skins defended and then made their way to the bar to reminisce, catch-up, exaggerate and generally make stuff up over a couple beers.

Congratulations to Herc and Mojo on your milestone achievements.

Houndstooth Points went to:
Sticks 3 (15)
Skip (after the run-out fest) 2 (12)
Mojo 1 (8)
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