Kincaid Chronicle

13th November 2002

(Season 8 Game 4)

Well fellow Famulee members, here's the match report for Season 8, Game 4.

It started at the House of Blaaarrddyyyffaaaarrkin at 5:30, the first of a double header, whereby the first 8 players to arrive got an automatic start-up on a hot afternoon. (Could it possibly get any hotter in the House?) Much to Blaaarrddyyyffaaaaarrkin's delight, the heat means more beer consuimption! Hersch declares Forrest as Captain after umpire Adam calls for a start, and so off goes Forrest and immediately wins the toss.

In the true traditions of following England captain Hussain's lead, the Boonies are sent into bat, despite the best of advice of Herc that we can't chase!

Muzz, Bukkake-Boy, Mojo & Schlang lead the first 4 overs and bowled without luck, resulting in only 2 wickets falling, courtesy of a Mojo stumping and a run-out. The sound of 'Ka-Ching' is heard as Muzz tries his best. The Boonies first pair made a total of 26 runs.

It was about this time that Sticks and Knuckles arrive, and in true form, encourage Da Famulee on field with 'appropriate' encouragement. Oh, and they had the luxury of cold refreshments!

Out come the Boonies second pair and Wa Wa leads off with the usual 'hand grenades' for deliveries. He's smacked for 17 runs, then Herc is belted for 21 runs, Hersch for 13 runs and Forrest for 17 runs. Bukkake-Boy keeping the back net is not his best field position. They amass a skin of 68 runs.

Surely we could come back from here?

Well, sort of, as our next 4 bowlers of Bukkake-Boy, Hersch, Schlangy and Herc do their best to quell the runing onslaught and their 3rd pair make 46 runs.

Their final pair, under stifling conditions and with the thought that beers are not too far away, seemed to have distracted us somewhat, with Muzz sending down more 'beam balls' (I think on purpose), Wa Wa with more grenades (one of which actually bowled out leg stump for a wicket), Forrest and MoJo rounding out the final 2 overs, MoJo being the more successful with a minus 4 for his over.

A total of 161 runs was set, and so began the run chase....

MoJo and Schlangy taking the lead (well, they actually said they wanted to get their efforts out of the way early) began with a sense of hesitation. In fact Mojo lost his first wicket on the second ball he faced but soon made up for it with a lovely Zack. Not to be outdone, Schlangy also chipped in with a nice Zack in the first over. A number of dot balls by Schlangy in the second over saw the score progress slowly, in fact, he faced 7 of the 8 deliveries and narrowly avoided the 'Ka-Ching' sounds echoing around the House of Bllaaarrddyffaarrkkin. Their 3rd over was not much better, a couple of beawdiful deliveries saw the boys bowled, but they came back marjinally in the 4th to finish with 23 runs. No skin here....

Second pair of Muzz and Forrest hit the field, and despite calls of "It's Your Game - Play" Forrest was bowled, but Muzz, for a change, decided to get the willow onto the shiny yellow ball. Muzz continued on his fine efforts with a lovely Zack during the 7th over of the match, but Forrest was feeling the rpessure of Captain and more calls of "It's Your Game" and finally on the last ball, it became too much! Having succesfully scored 2 runs off the last ball of the 8 over, he turns to the camoflourged tank-top wearing fool and says "Sucked in idiot!", a reference to missing the wicket and for intimidation earlier in the game when he made gestures of wanting to run through Forrest. Still, with an excuse for a goatie beard (obviously it's on his chin and not around the 'family jewels') it could've got nasty. You know nasty, references to mothers etc, but it didn't happen. But Muzz and Forrest finish with 35 runs. Our total after 8 overs was 58.

Third batting partners were Wa Wa and Bukkake-Boy. They started off shakely, Bukkake-Boy stumped second ball, but he redeemed himself with a nice Zack next delivery. To say they batted without luck would be an understatement, as they pushed the 1's before Bukkake-Boy unleashed a couple more Zacks, but despite his best efforts, after the alloted 4 overs, Wa Wa had actually outscored Bukkake-Boy, 11 runs to 9. No skin here either but a partnership of 20.

Now the pressure was on, as Hersch and Herc strode to the crease and started gingerly. They had some 80 runs for victory to make, surely we couldn't lose it from here....!!! In a nutshell, we did. Highlights of their innings was a stolen run (what, Herc stealing an extra run?), several run outs, the most crucial being in the last over when the skin was within reach. The skin was worth 21 runs, and after reaching 25 with 3 balls left in the match, the lads were run-out twice to finish on 16 runs.

Final score:
Boonies - 161
Famulee - 94

Unless I'm very much mistaken, Tooth Points:
Mojo - 3
Schlangy - 2
Muzz - 1

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