Kincaid Chronicle

15th October 2002

(Season 8 Game 1)

Welcome to Season 8 for Da Famulee. Trying hard to shake a Carlton-esq winning season da famulees first game against Mod Squad was back to previous Famulee form of nail biting action right to the very last ball. Herschelle lost the toss and the famulee were sent into field.

Forrest opened the account with an over of -1. Herschelle opened his bowling spell with a WaWa grenade landing at the feet of the umpires chair. Knuckles, Mojo and Sticks bolwing without luck. Herc came on and was hit for 6, and came back to take 3 wickets which could have been 4 consecutive wickets had Hersch not dropped a catch. Cha-Ching. One wicket an over followed with the third batting pair bringing the team total up to 94. The fourth batting pair apparently likng the way Herc bowled his second over scoring 21. Mod Squad finished up with 132, not an insumountable target as long as the famulee are not chasing it.

Forrest and Herschelle opened the batting with a very shaky first over of -11. Thanks mainly to Herschs 3 outs off the last 3 balls of the over. The next 3 overs saw them steady with Forrest hitting a Zak and bringing the partnership back into positive territory in the last 3 overs to finish with 23.

Mojo and Sticks were up next overtaking the first batting pairs score in the first 12 balls of the partnership. The 6th over saw a hat-trick of Zaks Sticks, Mojo, Sticks bringing back memories of the glory days of Sticks and Als 5 consecutive zaks. Mojo and Sticks ended up with 52.

Not to be out done, Al and Boof then stepped up to the plate scring freely, not as spectacular as the previous partnership but just as effective pipping the Mojo and Sticks by one run thanks to a legside. Partnership of 53 and Famulee score 128.

The closing partnership of Knuckles and Herc strode onto the pitch with confidence of an easy win. This confidence was shaken early as their first over went for -8. Calls of "Surely!", nothing more needed to said, rang out early in the partnership. In the next couple of overs they steadied with overs of 4 and 15 to place da famulee at 139 after the 15th over. "Surely" was the call numerous time during the last over. A couple of legsides, which weren't requested to be re-bowled Knuckles!, and a couple of outs place da famulee at 135 with 3 balls to come and Herc to face them off. Stealy determination in Hercs eyes as mirage of the 1000 run target taunted him from the sideline. Dot ball. 2 Balls to come, no problem just prod the ball to the side nets or fend them off. Bowled!!! Da Famulee back to 130. The 1000 runs slipping further away from Hercs grasp and defeat for da famulee looming. Last ball of the game, and what do you know. Bowled again.

Yes boys and girls the famulee have once again snatched defeat from the Jaws of victory. 132 vs 125

Tooth Points:
Al 3
Forrest 2
Sticks 1
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