Kincaid Chronicle

24th September 2002

(Season 7 Game 25)

The selectors ensured the Houndstooth contenders were all in the team to make the count down to the presentation more interesting. Unfortunately contender Muz would have none of it, doing everything in his power to not only to obtain no 'tooth points but attempting achieve the lowest net worth of the night.

The Famulee hit the field first under the captaincy of Forrest. Al opened the bowling campaign with 1 for 4. Muz's staggers started early bowling tight but with 3 Xtras for 10 runs. Next up the Great Man, and what a welcome he received, the thumb operation obvioulsy impaired his previous good form and will need some more training bring him back up to speed was played around the field for 23. Forrest following Al's lead bowled tight and clean snaring 1 for 2.

Rather Be Drinking then sent in the next pair which included the fill-in "I'm going hook every ball even if it is two foot outside off stump" Paul. Herc bowled a superb over taking 1 for -1 as well as putting the ball in just the right place for the batted to hook it into Wawa huge chest, great field placement by the Great Man. Sticks, Hersch and Knuckles up next all bowling without luck, 0 for 10, 10 and 9 respectively.

The third batting continued where the previously one left off. Wawa zak'ed again finishing 0 for 18. Wawa (0/41), Muz 0 for 16 (0/16) Al 0 for 8 (1/12) with some good fielding up front by Herschelle stopping a number of balls from hitting the side net, Forrest 2 for -2 (3/0).

Da famulee continued to bowl without much luck or bowling prowess as has been the recent six months of form. Herc 0 for 14 (1/13) and Sticks 0 for 14 (0/24). Herschelle had a couple of opportunities including his own attempted caught and bowled, diving backwards hand to ball, bounce off the noggin, falcon!, onto the ground through his hands to miss not only the catch but the run out as well. Cha-Ching. 0 for 15 (0/25). Knuckles came on in an attempt to clean up the mess. Collecting one runout and missing another run-out from a supersonic bullet throw from Muz at the keepers end, stopped in flight by Hersch's hand but unable to direct the missle to the target site. Final score 158.

Of course da famulee can't chase and it was much the same again for this game. Sticks and Forrest lead the cantor. Sticks 25 and Forrest 7. Missing the skin by 8 runs.

Next up Herschelle 16 and Knuckles 12. Missing the skin by 1 lousy run as Herschelle wasn't looking for the extra run.

Wawa and Herc soldiered onto the arena, the first over going quite well. From there it all went pear shaped, both then struggling to find a rythym. Wawa -13 and Herc -1. Pushing Herc even further from the now elusive 1000 Career runs. To suggest Herc is having a shocker is an understatement have scored negative batting scores from 4 of the last 5 games. Herc is currently sitting at 944 Career Runs. Wawa also moved away from his 500th Career Run, his total now sitting at 470.

Last up were Muz and Al. Muz hogging the strike for most of the partnership restricting Al to a score of only 5 from 10 balls faced. Muz faced 6 balls in each of the first three overs, unfortunately this did not translate into runs, but mainly wickets of various kinds. Caughts, Bowled, Runouts, Stumpings. Muz -19 and Al 5.

Famulee defeated 158 vs a measley 32.

Muz has the following fines outstanding and thus doubled.
Negative Batting
Negative Partnership
3 Xtras bowled in an over
That's 3 goldies x 2 = 6 gold coins for the kitty.

Tooth Points:
3 Forrest
2 Sticks
1 Knuckes

Not suprisingly Muz recieved 0 tooth points for his effort and has effectively dropped himself out of the running for the houndstooth for this season. One game to go to get those tooth points boys.

Who is it going to be? Surely Knuckles couldn't loose it from here! Will he be the bridesmaid again? Will Al win again or will Sticks snatch it back to avenge his beloved Collingwood. Turn up and watch the battle this Tuesday at 6.50pm and then tune in and turn up for the Houndstooth presentation the following Tuesday where Schlang will join da famulee via satellite from the island de-la-honey-moon to present the houndstooth.

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