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The Famulee are back!!!!!

(Season 7 Game 12)

Reuben Kincaid left the dressings room prior to the match commencing with the inspiring words of "this team's f#cked" and "you're a mob of a$$holes, I'd prefer to be coaching Sydney". Reuben's words cut deep into each of our hearts with the exception of one member who retorted what would he know, big flaminí doughnut-making c0ck-sucker. This cheered the boys up and were quite happy to see Reuben leave.

Boof, captain for the night, won the toss and tentatively elected to bat. This was quickly overturned as the opposition only had three players and surprisingly the Famulee had a full squad of eight. Whether the Famulee batted or bowled first made no difference, this season they struggle to set a target and they struggle to chase a target.

Schlang opened the bowling and quickly saw Muz drop a sitter. The signs the Famulee were going to have a shocker were already on the wall. After two overs the opposition were already on 26 and defeat was already on the players faces. Two overs later and luck had swung its way back into the Famulee court. The first batting pair amassing 11 runs.

During the course of the match the Famulee fielded and bowled well and several run out opportunities were taken. One that was missed was by a throw from Muz. Muzís throw missed the stumps but smashed Marty on the shin with a very loud smack. A bit of limping and hopping and a cry of Iím not standing behind the stumps again if Muz is throwing later, saw Marty display is leg to all and yonder. A lump, equivalent to the size of a six month foetus, had developed on his leg.

After 16 overs the Famulee was chasing 90 runs. This is about 90 runs too many for the Famulee, but they have lost against opposition scoring less.

Boof and No Look opened the batting. Expecting a solid partnership the guys struggled to get their score into the double figures. A final partnership of 5 runs saw the team miss out on a skin, but worst yet neither got a negative score Marty 5 runs, Boof 0.

Herschelle and Conan were in next. These guys played sensibly and scored runs with relative ease, this was also assisted with the factor of luck as many chances went begging. At the end of their partnership the Famulee were only five runs behind the comparative score.

Third batting pair was Muz and Herc. A comment by Big Al & Schlang advised the guys to either make it a big score to chase or a big score to defend. They did neither, a massive partnership of 51 saw Al and Schlang needing to make about 15 runs. This is not what the last pair wanted.

The pressure was on the last batting pair. Surely they couldnít lose it from here? After 3 overs the lads had a slender lead and the oppositions express bowler was to step up to the plate. If he had been accurate he would have bowled Schlang, but he wasnít and both Al and Schlang pushed him for plenty of singles. The Famulee had won its third game of the season and its first free bowl of chips.

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