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The Curse of the Middle Order Batsmen

(Season 5 Game 19)

It was a calm, fairly warm night for winter and the Famulee members were feeling relaxed about their upcoming game against Mod Squad. Adam chaired the umpires seat while Captain Courageous, Big Al, told the Famulee to field.

Being captain, Big Al opted to open the bowling and what a splendid job he did only going for two. Unfortunately the following 15 overs didn't follow the captains lead, with the total score amassing 177. Bowling for the night went to Skip who only got carted for 5, thanks to his second over of minus 4. Unlucky bowler of the night went to WaWa, who got spanked for 52. Although his figures would have looked better if not for the four zaks hit against him, the dip, fizz, spin wasn't suited to this pitch. Bowling to the field went to No Look who pitched one where every batsmen want it only to drive it straight into Schlangy. If Schlangy had a stomach, ala Merv Hughes, it would have been caught.

Boof and Mojo lead the Famulee off on the run chase and after 3 overs the boys were looking good with 40 runs. Then something extraordinary happened, a mini collapse and after 4 they finished with 23. Still it gave the lads a positive score and well within chasing. No Look and Forrest came in at second drop and didn't give the curse of the middle order collapse a second thought. After their first over the Famulee were looking at a team score of 2. Oh yes a big drop but the Famulee knew more could be expected from these two class players. Well after 4 overs nothing was expected, the curse had hit again with a total of 15 wickets loss and a partnership of minus 63, that's right folks minus 63. The Famulee were struggling requiring 208 to win with 8 overs remaining. With Skip, WaWa, Big Al and Schlang left the Famulee knew their big guns were ready to go blazing.

Skip and WaWa faced the music, with their knees shaking after the demise of No Look and Forrest, their first over added to the total bringing the score to minus 34. The gods must have been laughing, er watching as Skip and WaWa made a comeback and combined for a partnership of 20. This left Big Al and Schlang a gettable target of 188, roughly 6 runs every ball. The mockers had already been given to Schlang as he wore the bright blue gloves of death. To the crowds amazement they belted the bowling around the ground as if they were facing some very ordinary bowling from the English Cricket Team. Big Al and Schlang ensured the Famulee team would not obtain a negative team score and compiled a massive 45 runs, bringing the team total to 35.

The Famulee has it's work cut out as the team nears the finals and the middle order collapse is a concern to selectors. This weeks game is at 6.50, please let me or Schlang know of your availability.

In Schlang

Out WaWa (runny bottom) Sticks (study) Gadj (Melbourne)

"I think I love you, but I'm not sure what I am afraid of" Reuben Kincaid
Partridge Famulee

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