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Tuesday 12 June 2001

(Season 5 Game 10)

Weston ICA was subject to another lacklustre performance from the Partridge Famulee as their mid-season slide continued.

The night started in positive fashion with Mojo and skipper 'Mardie' Beggs (the scoresheet never lies) opening the batting and putting on a sup-burb 50 partnership. Boof and Forrest got off to a shaky start, and despite Forrest registering his first career zak, were only able to progess the score to 69 (and should have copped a warning from the umpire for such a display too the bloody devos).

Hersch and Knuckles were up next and managed a nifty 30 run partnership, courtesy of some fantastic bunt and run action. Despite scoring the majority of the runs and not losing a wicket, Hersch was picked to bat again as the Great Man had not showed up again - no doubt due to another runny bottom incident. Oh and WaWa can I just say "cha-ching!!!"

With the score on a healthy 99, Hersch partnered Kaptain Kleenex for the last four overs. And what a start with Kleenex notching his first zak for Da Famulee as well. However it was all shithouse from there as the bowlers tore through KK like a projectile snot through wet tissue.

He lost 7 wickets in all (which is close to a Famulee record) on his way to minus 20 and Hersch was unable to drag him back into the positive with both boys copping a fine (neg partnership) and KK a big gold coin owing for his solo negative.

The score had retreated to a shaky 88 runs and the first batting pair treated the bowling with the respect it deserved (i.e. not much) on their way to 49 runs. The next four overs were just as nasty, with only a tremendous -7 run over from Knuckles saving the Famulee from outright defeat as the score leapt to 83 runs.

The next pair were ambushed by a fired up Boof and Knuckles again who took -7 and -9 respectively to keep the pair to just 5 runs and the game was tied on 88 runs. Unfortunately the opposition only needed 1 run from the remaining 32 (approximately) balls, and the game was long gone as Hersch registered 3 extras in the last over for another cha-ching.

So a good night for the kitty, but a dud night for Da Famulee.

Attached are the latest stats, and keep an eye out for the updated full history stats which are not too far away!!!

With four straight losses, there are sure to be big changes this week, and the team will be announced shortly.

Until then, it's goodbye from me.

Reuben Kincaid
Partridge Famulee

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