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Thu, 17 May 2001 03:40:41 -0200

(Season 5 Game 6)

Hi all,

After Sticksys debacle this week in informing me of the wrong game time, I have wrestled down Tony Blardyfarken for the draw. Famulee auditors have verified that the following are correct times and dates for the next four games:

Tuesday 22 May 5:30pm
Friday (yes Friday) 1 June 6:00pm
Tuesday 5 June 9:30pm
Tuesday 12 June 5:30pm

Please advise me of your availability ASAP.

Unavailables I am aware of for next week (22 May) are as follows:
* WaWa
* McBain
* Skip (unavail until 19 June)
* Sticks
* Gee

Also of interest to all are the stats. Tony Blardyfarken has come through with the goods and provided our old stats, so over the next few weeks, they will be updated and the full and glorious Famulee history will be revealed!!!!!

Some points of interest from the 8 May game were Boof and Forrest stealing 5 extra singles, Knuckles scoring 41 with the bat and still getting a negative net, WaWa dodging the three strikes rule, and the Kleenex Kid taking 6 wickets on his way to also dodging three strikes and his first ever Houndstooth points (and 3 points at that!).

The 15 May game was excellent... once it started. As previously mentioned Sticks farked up the start time by a mere 3 hours, and dutifully supplied pizza for the starving hoardes who were left stranded at Weston by his stuff up. Needless to say it joins the ranks of his 'BBQ' and 'skins' highlights. You dud!!!

As for the game itself, well Big Al was the destroyer with 5 wickets and 3 big Houndstooth points, Hersch snaffling 3 wickets to go with his wicketless 21 batting and 2 points and Skip - Son of WaWa and his Thommo like action taking the 1 point. Herc struck fear into the opposition with his new streamlined hairdo, but is now also on two strikes, as is Knuckles who also wore a No Look "pass" on the back of his melon.

So Herc and Knuckles are on two strikes, but both bowled without luck on Tuesday and are both due for a big game!

Anyway enough waffle - don't forget to let me know if you are available for the upcoming games.

Until then remember this. Don't drink Drive - it's a washing powder!

Reuben Kincaid
Partridge Famulee

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