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17 April 2001

(Season 5 Game 2)

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Dateline 17 April 2001:

With injury, illness and unavailability reducing the Famulee list, the call went out for new recruits to continue the tradition of mediocrity.

The team read like a renovaters dream, with a rebuilding phase well and truly in place. Skipper for the night Professor Schlang was accompanied by regulars No Look, Mojo, Big Al, and WaWa, relative newcomers Moorey and Boof, and debutante Rafe pulled on the Hawaiian for the first time.

It didn't take Rafe long to make an impact either as Da Famulee were sent into field. As WaWa opened the bowling, he was slapped to the back left corner - where Rafes jacket was still sitting on the court! The ball Rick O'Shea'd off the back net and into the rookies jacket - end result was 5 runs saved as a dead ball was declared.

The fielding was almost impressive as the stumps were peppered by throws unfortunately not many were making contact. Rafe took his first catch and WaWa also pulled in a speccy up the front. The bowling was also fairly wayward as every bowler managed at least one extra - Big Al suffering the curse of the Houndstooth and racking up another fine for 3 extras in an over. The kitty would have gotten a much greater boost, had it not been for umpire V.V.S. Latitude who let a number of doubtful deliveries go unpunished.

However Mojo stepped up in the last over to deliver a killer punch for the opposition. Those deadly left arm tweakers saw him net four wickets and four dot balls in the over, and saw the score drop back 20 runs to leave a target of a very gettable 100 runs.

First up to the plate were WaWa and Rafe as the boys at the back worked on a nickname for the big fella. WaWa was his usual wiley self at the crease, swaying and weaving to avoid several delivries that were aimed at his legs. How he manages to sway and weave without actually moving his feet is a mystery, but no doubt is related to his chronic calf problems!

Rafe batted well and was a veritable highlight reel with a wicket falling early, then a zak, and then falling victim to a classic WaWa bunt and run speeshal! He also kept the Great Man off strike long enough to graft out a positive score for himself and ensure WaWa would have a negative and thus another fine for the kitty!

Rafe was also given his new title during the partnership as one Famulee member remarked on his astounding likeness to the action hero from the Simpsons - and from this day forward, he shall be known as McBain.

Next up were No Look and Boof and they were intent on causing some damage to the scoreboard. No Look was superb working the ball to all corners on his way to 42, and Boof was not far behind with 24. Sensational running between wickets (i.e. the fielders couldn't have hit six sets of stumps) ensured they only lost one wicket between them - however No Look has put himself in line for a suspension as he has not lost a wicket for two weeks. We can only look forward to seeing how the big man gets himself out next week.

The last two partnerships consisted of Schlang + Big Al, and Mojo + Moorey (i.e. I can't remember who batted next).

Captain Geek (Schlang) was fresh from his excellent bowling and set about making some runs Mark Taylor style. He patiently worked the ball around for 21 (from 20) as Big Al was left stranded on 8. The big fella lost 3 wickets, 2 of them courtesy of the ball lodging in the fielders bodies and being retrieved for catches. Apparently Al has decided to leave his 'mark' on each opposition side (courtesy of his trademark thunderbolt drives) as was heard to utter "You've been Houndstoothed" after smacking one into another players thigh.

However the definate highlight for the night was the Mojo and Moorey partnership. Not only did they crisply strike the ball around, but they stole runs with reckless abandon. Moorey sometimes almost running two himself as he was sent back by Mojo time and again. Moorey ran so much that he has now earnt himself the nickname "Forrest" as in "Run Forrest, Run!" The boys stole about 7 or 8 runs easily and Mojo was headed for a big score, punishing the back net. However the boys tired late and run outs started to happen. Forrest managing to lose a wicket in the last over to earn himself a negative (thats a fine) and Mojo ran himself out twice in the last three balls to drop from 54 back to 44 runs.

However it was still enough for an astounding new Famulee record net worth of positive 61 runs and earn himself 3 Houndstooth points and No Look edged out Schlang for the 2 points.

On the injury front, Knuckleseseses thumb is healing up slowly and an expected return date is forecast for the middle of this season. Apparently there is no truth to the rumour that he rebroke the thumb by clutching a stubby of VB too tightly... it was actually a can!

Gee's ribs and knee have healed up and he is raring to go once Tony Blardyfarken schedules us with a game thats not at 5 freaking 30!!!

Herc this week goes under the knife (well has an appt anyway) for a diagnosis on his troublesome knee. Contrary to popular belief he is not having shoulder surgery to correct the problem that causes him to bowl with a bent arm, as that is just his natural action anyway.

Those on suspension warnings this week are No Look (hasn't yet lost a wicket) and Big Al, who is suffering the Brownlow Blues and has two strikes against him. All eyes will be on Toooosday night to see what magic the boys can weave to avoid a week off.

Another 5:30 game this week and another player will be welcomed into the Famulee fold. Pablo makes his debut and as players begin to return from injury and unavailability, places will again be tough to gain. A la the Oz cricket team, rotation of the Famulee list will occur throughout the season, so if you feel like having a week off, give me (Reuben Kincaid) a weeks warning!

The team is:

* No Look (c)
* Pablo
* McBain
* Forrest
* Boof
* Big Al
* Hersch
* WaWa

Rested (and thus emergencies) are Mojo, Sticks and DB.

The likely team for next week (time to be announced) is:

* Skip
* Gee
* Sticks
* Mojo
* DB
* Hersch
* WaWa
* Big Al

So please confirm availability with myself (Reuben Kincaid) via email or let Sticks know on 6208 8635 if you can't make the games.


With the first game of the season, an interesting problem arose with the beloved Houndstooth scoring system. With Da Famulee playing short, how exactly shuold the players net worths be calculated? If a player has to bat twice, but not bowl a third over or vice versa or has to do both???

Should it go on your average for the night or should it only be your original batting score and bowling overs that are counted?

A number of opinions have been raised, so send your thoughts on the matter to me (this week) to be heard on this important issue.

Thats all for this week - next week I hope to include some career net worth high and lows in honour of Mojo's acheivement this week, and we might even have some rumours for you.

Good luck to those playing this week, and until next time - i'm Reuben Kincaid, and you're not!

Reuben Kincaid
Partridge Famulee

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