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(Season 5 Game 1)

Tuesday night saw the first game of the winter season for 2001. Inspired by Steve Waughs words to seek new approaches and ways to demoralise opposition teams, I Reuben Kincaid, endeavoured to find a way to turn this competition on it's ear.

I decided that a bold statement was to be made to ensure that Weston ICA knew the Famulee meant business. I decided to go with only 6 players in this 8 a side comp... well by decided I mean I could only get 6 to front up!

However the debut from No Look recruits Craig Moore and Nathan Rapley's second game was enough to inspire the Famulee to an easy victory over Lex Luthor's mixed team.

Highlights for the week were a standout performance from Hersch with the bat (batting twice and not losing a wicket at all), Big Als now standard brillance in the field, Moorey's top net spoon work with the bat, and his thunderbolt full tosses, and Nathan finally being nicknamed. Due to his startling resemblance to Darren Lehman (in both his swashbuckling batting and shaved melon) he will now go down in Famulee folklore as Boof. We are still working on a nickname for Moorey, but rest assured that one is not far away!

TONIGHTS TEAM I have decided that this 6 a side business will only be used as a shock tactic, and put out the call for new recruits. As a result, one player this week makes his debut (Congratulations Rafe!), with another waiting in the wings.

This infusion of youthful exuberance and excitement to Da Famulee should ensure that all regular players are kept on their toes.

Thus the team for tonights game at 5:30pm is:
Schlang (c) WaWa Big Al No Look Boof Moorey Mojo Rafe (making his debut for Da Famulee)

Emergencies Sticks and Herschelle

Fines outstanding for last week:
Al minus batting score (what the???) WaWa mno-show There are also some bowling figures to be reviewed which may result in a couple more.

Fines will be more closely monitored this season, and match fees are up to $11 a game to cover for season rego. Regular players may wish to make a one off $10 payment instead of forking out $11 a game - see Sticks if this is the case.

Stay tuned for last seasons stats - this seasons stats will be sent around after tonights game.

Best of luck to all players, and we look forward to Rafe's scintillating debut (no pressure though Rafe!!!)

I'm Reuben Kincaid and i'll see you next week. And just remember - wherever you go, there you are!

Reuben Kincaid
Partridge Famulee

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