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End of summer season 00/01 wrap-up

(Season 4 Game 19)

Once again the Partridge Famulee displayed a high level of mediocrity, as they were bundled out of premiership contention with a disappointing loss to some other mob.

The quest for back to back to back Grand Final appearances began well with pizza and beers in abundance at 6pm before the match. After the 5 pizzas the week before had vanished by 6:08pm, a total of 8 pizzas arrived at 6pm to sate the hungry mob. However with no WaWa in sight and several of the bigger appetites struggling for form, there were plenty of leftovers put behind the bar for gametime.

The Famulee lost the toss and were put in to field. The start was mediocre indeed, and the boys were unlucky to not be better off as a couple of reflex chances (normally taken after 2 beers) were grassed.

However good fielding and great bowling from DB (5 for minus 6), Big Al and Mojo got the Famulee right back in the game as the bad guys were restricted to 122 runs.

Looking to set the tone for the chase Sticks sent himself and Big Al in to set a solid foundation. They managed this with some big hitting between them. Sticksys inside out spoonwork, where he somehow dragged a certain legside wide and managed to lob it over the field to the back net looked a promising sign for the Famulee.

However the fielding team turned up the heat as Herc and Hersch fell victim to some freakish catches and run outs. The boys still managed a partnership, but the required run rate was climbing fast.

No Look and Inzy were next up and again the wickets tumbled as the fielding team got on top. DB and Mojo weren't left with much of a chance, and DB sealed the loss managing to get out in just about every fashion known to man while chasing the runs. Mojo salvaged a couple of late zaks as the attention turned towards 'tooth points.

In hindsight the pizza to beer ratio was all wrong as the Famulee looked sluggish instead of being juiced to the eyeballs as they normally are for finals appearances. The other telling factor as Skip pointed out afterwards was that The Great Man (WaWa) had not arrived for the match. Without their lucky charm, the boys didn't have much of a chance.

So with the match out of the way, it was presentation time. Schlangy had arrived and looked resplendent in his shirt and tie and did his best Bruce McAvany impersonation while handing out the end of season certificates.

Then it was onto the Houndstooth vote count. In comparison with last seasons Brownlow style gala presentation, this one was pure Famulee - disorganised and slapped together at the last minute. The votes were tallied and before the semi final commenced, Sticks (20) had a slender 2 point lead over Big Al and Mojo (both on 18).

The net worths for the semi were calculated and came up as follows:
Sticks (net worth +4) 1 point Mojo (n/w +7) 2 points Big Al (n/w +9) 3 points

So Big Al and Sticks were tied on 21 and Mojo a point short on 20. The closest Houndstooth yet on record presented a further dilema for myself as there was no system set out in case of a draw.

So it was up to I Reuben Kincaid to declare a winner. Did I use various scientific formulas and countback systems as used by other codes? No - I said bugger Sticks, it's Big Al who deserves the glory!!!!!

And so in an emotional moment, Sticks handed over the jacket to the big fella. And true to the mystical nature of the jacket, it fitted Big Al like a glove. Almost overcome by the emotion of the moment, Big Al was heard to say "i'm wearing this to bed tonight" to which Redeye replied "not in my bloody house you're not!!!"

And so another season ends with mediocrity the definate winner. A season which saw the debut of Gee Dawg, Wardy, Derek and Nathan, Big Al Inzy Herc Sticks and Schlang take their 100th wickets, Sticks register his 1000th run, Hersch save his 1000th run up the front, Mojo devour his 100th piece of pizza, DB establish the first Famulee spin-off team, No Look suck down his 100th beer for the Famulee, Herc become a slips specialist, Knuckles reel off his 100th Hoppa joke, Schlang turn into a study nerd, Lil Gilly emerge as a keeper of the future, Skip write his first Chronicle and lets not forget WaWa's return from a life threatening calf injury.

I'm sure that the Famulee will emerge this season a stronger, fitter, more experienced and hungrier for success that will drive them to the top once again... OK maybe hungrier and thirstier more than fitter, but you get my drift!

Congratulations to all involved on a super season and bring on next season!!!!!

Love and kisses

Reuben Kincaid
Partridge Famulee

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