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Another shot at mediocrity

(Season 4 Game 11)

Once again criggit time rolled around and the famulee donned the Hawaiians for another shot at mediocrity. Management was forced to ring the changes as half the famulee were interstate on junkets, with Sticks still looking for his first Gold Coast conquest. Rumour has it he was seen courting DB in a romantic seaside setting - will keep you all up to date with any further developments.

Anyhoos, on to the court strode the famulee with Inzy once again bravely stepping in to fill the breach of captain, and Knuckles only just making it in time, straight from rehearsals with his newly formed Bros cover band. The highlight of the evening for some however was the appearance of the Great Man, fresh from a stunning performance at the Allan Border Medal the previous evening, the whisper was that the Cronulla jumper becomes increasingly tighter on the Champ whose new physique drew more than a couple of sideways glances from Bawdy. Methinks the hyperbaric chamber is fixing more than his calf.

The famulee fielded first with Shlangy guarding his beloved wig with pride, doing everything within his powers to ensure he didnt lose it to Skip. 'Son of WaWa' was throwing up a great challenge however, escorting several balls to the boundary and dropping a dolly despite his best efforts to get out of the way of the looping ball.

This combination of slapstick fielding and extremely pedestrian bowling saw the Famulee struggle through the first eight overs with Herc relishing in his suspension, giving more lip than Mick Jagger with a collagen injection. Just when things looked to be getting out of hand, in stepped Inzy with the most inspirational piece of captaincy seen since Gadj told Skip he was a 'dud' and was to never field on the back net again. Inzy stepped up to the crease and proceeded to dazzle the batsmen with a sublime mix of flight and raw fizz and turn. One snorter bit and ripped, striking No Look and opening up him like a two bit whore.

This inspirational performance was to inspire the charges who proceeded to lift and restrict the opposition to a reasonable 133. Inzy immediately went on the attack and sent in Shlang and Skip who looked at each other in amazement at the fact that someone was allowing them to bat voluntarily. The boys didn't let their captain down as they overcame a sluggish start to score 38. Next in were Inzy and Herschelle who proceeded to tear the attack apart like No Look on tightarse Tuesday at Pizza Hut. The highlight of the innings was a thunderous blow from Inzy that shattered the free pizza sign and sent shockwaves throughout the arena. Hersh complimented his captain's bludgeoning innings with a fine mix of majestic strokeplay and arse-riddled edges. They came out with the score on 98 - there 60 run partnership was to be the biggest of the night. By the time Mojo and Knuckles had come and gone, the Famulee had the game in the bag. With mini-Mojo watching on in pride, Morris gorged himself on another 3 'tooth points. Just to rub insult to injury, Inzy sent in the heavy hitters Big Bird and No Look with a free reign to open the shoulders and pummell the bowling to all corners of the arena.

The end result was a 19 point victory to the famulee who coasted to an easy victory. The 'tooth points for the game were as follows:
3 to mini-Mojo's sideys
3 to a Captains knock Inzy and
1 to Knuckles peroxide job

Reuben Kincaid
Partridge Famulee

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