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Partidge cop a hiding!

(Season 3 Game 13)

26/9/00 - Family suffer water damage

Coming off a 64 run shellacking, the Famulee were looking to regain credibility and restart their finals campaign.

The line up was settled until 4:30pm Tuesday afternoon when No Look withdrew throwing the team into disarray. Both emergencies were now unavailable and some frantic dealings completed by Partridge Family management saw Kathryn "Red-Eye" Reddie signed up for her first run of the season, but she was only able to get there late.

Game time came around and the Family were rushed onto the court with only 6 players with Sticks (with the theme items) nowhere in sight and Red-eye yet to arrive. They both turned up in time to watch the fourth over and watch the score push past the 50 run mark. The theme for the night was revealed with the tightest of tight green and gold swimming caps pulled tight over the Famulees eyes. Official photographer Bawdy Bec White arrived and everyone around the arena felt that surely this would lift the Famulee to contain the opposition to a low score.

Ah bom boum!!! The Famulee were carted to all corners of the arena with the exception being interstate recruit Blue. His two overs yielded nothing as he brought his own special brand of SA mediocrity to the table and was one of the few highlights. Other highlights included Skips return and his Thommo like action having the batsmen in trouble - however Skip has yet to learn that only fruit gets wickets, and went largely unrewarded. Skip was also involved in a beautiful bit of fielding as a catch was spooned back towards him off Hercs bowling. Herc went for it at the same time Skip did before some crisp teamwork saw them both leave it for a fieldsman who wasn't there. Fabulous stuff!!!! The final highlight was rookie Red-eyes two scalps as she bamboozled the batsmen with a combination of over and underarm bowling.

The Famulee trudged from the field sweating profusely from under the swimming caps, with the score to chase at 226 runs. It was the highest total ever chased (the previous highest was 225 runs way back on March 7 2000) and the call went out to Chopper for some sort of mercy rule to be invoked in the spirit of the Olympics. I think his reply went something like "pigs @rse you duds - get out here and get this over with." So Sticks and Skip strode out confident of making a good start to the chase and providing a platform for respectability. Of course they were dead wrong and were soon back in the pavilion having only advanced the score to 27.

Herschelle and Blue were next up at the plate, and worked the ball around craftily before Blue started to hit out. He lashed out at one delivery and sent it rocketing off the side net and seemingly safe towards the back net, but was snaffled by a fieldsman taking an absolute beauty!!! Of course the crowd behind the back net went up, as it wasn't taken off any of them. Herschelle also disappointed the huge crowds assembled by not batting in his team cap (BOOOOOOOOOOO!!!).

Herc and Schlang were up next with the score at a measly 42 runs and decided they'd go down swinging and run for everything. Their desparation was inspirational and they even attempted a two, with Herc being run out just as Schlangy lunged past him to safety. Great work by Schlang as he continues to prove that he is a master of the own team runout!!! The boys batted superbly for a grand total of 37 runs, but Schlangs game high 26 runs was not enough to cover for his overripe fruit and his third consecutive negative net worth.

Big Bird and Red eye rounded out the innings with the run rate required creeping up around the 36 runs per over mark. In what was destined to be a lost cause they threw caution to the wind and decided it was time to hit out. Big Bird was denied runs by some more assy catches in the field, but it was Red-eye who would provide the excitement. After playing her eye in for the first couple of overs, she hit out and registered her first zak of the season, closely followed by her second zak (which as mentioned by the Statsman was also the 50th for the Famulee this season). The crowd went beserk behind the back net, and the final siren was blown not long after with the Family falling by 134 runs.

Not the biggest loss ever experienced by the Famulee, but pretty damn close!!! Fines were plentiful with Herc and Skip being cha-chinged for dropping the same dolly, Herc and Red-eye being stung for separate dollies and Sticks being done for a late appearance. A democratic team vote (i.e. anyone who wasn't there had every chance of being fined) saw No Look to be fined a dollar for his late notice. So the kitty stands at $17 and is set to keep on growing if this weeks game is anything to go by!!!

Next weeks game is at 5:30pm and there is no theme yet. The changes have been rung in once again with Skip again leaving town and an enforced suspension for Schlang (his first game out after 1476 consecutive games) and WaWa (injury and unavailability doesn't count) and Red-eye missing out due to Big Bird fearing her overtaking him in the zak tally.

There are some big names returning to the fold this week, with 9 available for the 8 spots.... hmmm maybe we should try and get all 9 onto the field - Lord knows we need the extras!!!

So far the team looks like this:

* Gadj (capt)
* Inzy (vc)
* Sticks
* DB
* Herc
* Herschelle
* Big Bird
* Blue
* with No Look as 1st emergency

Please advise the selectors if you are unavailable ASAP and we'll need all shirts on deck this week. So if you have one and aren't playing please bring it along (apart from WaWa's extra small). Gametime is at 5:30pm and we'll see you there (that means before 5:30pm Sticksy).

Get down there for the carnival type atmosphere that every Famulee game has (there are freakshows at carnivals aren't there?) and we look forward to a bumper crowd. Hopefully there will be an improvement now that the Famulee doesn't have to worry about carrying the negative net worth brothers.

We'll see you there!

Reuben Kincaid
Partridge Famulee

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