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(Season 3 Game 11)

The Partridge Family, currently riding high on the back of three consecutive wins, will be looking to extend its streak to four tomorrow at Weston ICA.

The Famulee has again rung in the changes with Scott "I'm never drinking again till this weekend" Amos, Jason "You'll never fine me" Wright and Dave "Whaddya mean fill-in" Bradley casulties of the tough selection process.

However as is well known, the Famulee is blessed with team depth that other teams can only dream about. Mind you most other teams would also wake up from that dream sweating profusely and screaming - but not this mob!!!

Into the team come original founding member and prodigal son John "Catchphrase" Burgess and Bec "did you hear the one about..." White to help propel the Famulee to victory.

When asked about the teams prospects for the upcoming game, team captain Herschelle Gibbs replied "if you don't mind, i'm just waiting on another call to confirm those details myself". He hung up shortly after, but not before muttering something about "airing his dirty laundry" and declaring the theme for the upcoming game to be Dirty Dishcloth Tuesday.

So all family members are instructed to bring a tea towel to wear on their heads for Tuesday nights game which commences at 5:30pm.

Famulee members are also reminded that the Ten Commandments are in effect, and a copy will be available tomorrow night for perusal. Those rules that will be under close scrutiny tomorrow will be the late arrival and negative net worth score commandments.

Which brings me to this weeks points of interest:

* One game away from suspension
WaWa is on notice for two consecutive games with a net worth. After his own words last week "at least I get every fourth week off", don't be expecting him to pull out all stops to make a net worth. Schlang is at the other end of the scale with suspension looming after not losing a wicket in the past two matches. He has been unstoppable in his efforts to run out whoever he has been batting with the last few weeks, so his partner will need to be on their toes. In fact the last time Schlang lost a wicket was on August 1, so he is more than due for a collapse of monumental proportions - and when he does, it should be speeeeeshal to say the least!!!
* Notable quoteables
Gadj on his plans for last Friday night "bad news for drinking as I have shitloads to do tomorrow" was his call late Thursday barfternoon. However he was last seen stumbling from a taxi towards the vicinity of his house at approximately 5:30am Saturday morning.
* News from o/s
Mojo has safely arrived in the land of the shitty cold weather (Engerlund) and is working on a plan to get to the last day of the fifth test which is being played not far from where he is.
My advice Mojo would be to get to the lunch session on day Two, as provided the weather holds out, the Poms should be done in time for dinner!!!
If anyone else has advice (or general abuse) for the bast..... ah big guy, his email address is!

Other things to look out for this week:

* Will Bec attempt to catch Jase or WaWa's net worth - she needs a total of +15 runs to catch Jase and -119 to catch WaWa. Are either obtainable?
* Burgo to register himself on the scoresheet in his first game back in several seasons. He has claimed rustiness in an attempt to play down his chances, but the Famulee expect no less than a 50 run/ten wicket haul from the "Tiger".
* Who will claim the coveted Houndstooth points? Sticks is up by 2 points, but when Big Al gets points he gets 3's - and in equal second place, he is closing fast. Schlang's fruit and briyyant running between wickets has also rocketed him to equal second place. No Look has also been sneaking up with regular points and is only 3 off the pace. Clint has surprisingly only scored 1 point thus far, so look for the captain to sacrifice the leaders in an attempt to get himself back in the running. But with 84 catch-up games still to come there is plenty of time, for the others to stake their claim.

So tomorrow brings another two theme season rookies to the table and with the Commandments in place, the kitty (currently $7 - $4 of it Sticksys) could be a lot healthier after this weeks game! The Famulee has fared a lot better this season when they score more runs than the opposition, so here's hoping!

Don't forget your tea towels and the best of luck.

Reuben Kincaid
Partridge Famulee


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