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Langy'll get it!!

(Season 30 Game 20)

Hello sports fans

Another week, another spectackliurrr performance. This despite the team list dropping from 13 available players on tooosday morning, to 6 players at 9:29 before Spesh and Langy arrived.

Under Buzz's guidance we went through a pointless coin toss and opted to make the other team choose us to bat first. Things were looking up with some sublime batting by Dolce and Gabbana ( aka Dobbo and Grizz ) slapping the bowling to all corners for 47 and it was Surely a stable platform for victory.

Macca and me in next tried or best to derail that, sputtering our way to 21 of which not many belonged to me.

Captain Buzz and Who Dares were up next and a clinic ensued. Unfortunately it was a clinic of how not to run between wickets with Buzz forgetting that you are allowed to slide the bat while approaching the crease. The Captain was promptly run out, or should I say very slowly runout as there was about 15 seconds between throw and stumps being hit. Nevertheless they came from the field with 4 to their name and the platform was looking a little shaky.

Langy and Spesh were up next and we needed something special. Spesh had obviously been paying attention to the Captain and managed to get himself run out after performing a 90 degree turn while a foot out from the crease to be easily runout. Meanwhile Langy was being caught and runout in all manner of freakish circumstances.

The last over began with only 10 runs added to the score as Spesh suddenly unleashed a mighty zak. The crowd roared as he managed to find his way over the line safely. Langy was inspired to hit out and was caught. This did not deter Spesh as he opened the shoulders and zakked the next ball as well. Langy wasagain caughtnext ball and cries of "let it hit you" and "get off strike" rang out around the Centre. Order was soon restored with Langy zakking up before the chant for a zak hattrick went up. Spesh mashed the next one for four and suddenly the lady over had gone for 30 and we had a half decent (for us) 112.

The fielding effort could beat be described as "leave it to Langy". Apart from some bewdiful catching by Grizz and fine death seat work from Dobbo, the rest of us were only making things easy for the batsmen.

Meanwhile at the back net Langy covered about 15km covering for everyone's mediocrity and da Famulee prevailed 112-79. Dobbo the chief destroyer with a 7 for -18 to secure the points and captaincy for next week.

Onto da team for this week and again we have a squad, but don't forget to conform your aswaylability! !!

Who dares
Langy ?
Spesh ?
Penguin ?

Schlang ?
Trex? Runny bot


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