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Going around again

(Season 23 Game 26)

Semi (quarter, preliminary??? Who knows?) final night.... after arriving to order a beer and realising I'd left the shirts at home... so racing back and returning before game time, I ask..... Who's the Big C for tonight? Beef-cake checks the mobile porn-highway and tells me, it's either me or the chick with the biggest tits..... either way, that could still be me!!!

So, a quick stradjedy is required... obviously, the first step is to win the toss and declare we'll bat! [TICK]

Schlang and Hersch it is... only because I'm bored of watching Forrest lead out and Schlangy seems to have had some kind of form through the season that from now & ever more shall be known as.... 23!

After one Zak from Schlang and 30 runs, I feel the pressure mount... personally, I must improve on that... oh, there might be a game to win too! But, suuuurrreeely, that's a given. Last time we played these blokes, I double zakked their last bowler and we won by 35 runs!

So, I select "the running man (T-Rex)" and Forrest (the REAL running man) to bat next, Kleenex & I to go third and Butt-Cake & Sticka to "bring up the rear".

One Zak to Forrest and strangely, two run-outs (why were they throwing to that end) later and the gents come off the court, calling each other and Waz various interesting adjectives, plus another 18 runs.... Clearly, it's up to JUAN PABLO JIMINES COLMENARES... and I, to gather the scoring system back!!!!!



Only eight runs, and if it weren't for the Zak I hit in the last over, I would've been in negative territory.... as it was, five to Kleenex and three to me! CRAP!

Car-Keys and Sticka-tek follow that example... with one of their own! Two Zaks to Jimmy Neutron, none to Malarkies... but vitally, no run outs, no stitch-ups (albeit many an attempt) and another 37 runs, 24 of which are from Stikka's ladle and a total of 91 to defend!

So, the bowelling then, thank god for that Smithers, imagine the mess without my Bowelling!

Woops, sorry, back to the game. We took to the field and Herchelle opened his bowels! Three run-outs, two catches and no Zaks! Since when did we start fielding like that! Doesn't sound very mediocre to me! But, be patient young grasshopper... it will come!

Their first pair gave Sticks three wickets (much to Khaki's disgust) and a total of 17 runs.... we're IN THIS!!!!

We only took one wicket in the next four overs... they only got one Zak, off Juan Pablo Kleenex.... but the lack of success in the field saw them score 33 and at the same stage, lead us by two runs... SSSSUUUURRRREEEELLLLLYYYY!!!!!!!!

Sticks, Hersch, Kleenex and Schlang bowled to the next pair... Two Zaks (Schlang and Kleenex) but a few wickets (all four, Sticks and Schlang two, Hersch and Pabs one) saw them score 11, only just taking Kleenex & my skin of eight.... and the team total on 61... compared to dafamulee total of 56 at the same stage!



Surely, not!

The last opposition pair were out, run-out twice in the first over (you owe me Florist, for one, at least, I think). Then "I lost my car keys" and K-Ceb, the Dinosaur with the bed-room eyes, roll their arms over.... only one wicket in the two overs... and unfortunately for our former Mullet-wearing buddy, it's his gloves off the dinosaur's bowling, behind the stumps!

I have deliberately chosen to take the last over, thinking, I can at least make sure there are no extra's... but I only have seven runs to defend.... this game had come so close, a good contest, good natured too!

Anyway, I went for 14! No zaks, but a side too back! Too many, yet so close.

Da Famulee bow out again... in the Preliminary, Quarter, Semi, Repa-charge, Make-Up Final... again proving, mediocrity will get you close!


(This Club Is Pharked!)

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