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A game too far?

(Season 23 Game 21)

and so it came to pass that Herschelle returned from the injury wilderness having only played two out of the last twelve games. So the selectors, the Cs they are, sort fit name him the big C. It seemed like stitch up to me the team having won the five previous games in a row. Could the mediocrity return, surely we couldn't miss out on finals now, would the gods smile upon us?

Bukkake pulled out early, then there were eight, and Bukkake came back.
Sticks texted, some drivel about coming late. Better than too early they say, sorry wrong game... Anyway the kitty loves people coming late, especially on the jackpot ball. So ninth man Bukkake could step up and fill in the spot as an option however according to Bukkake, Skip had pulled out late and Bukkake came back in, and Sticks had to play after all.

YCFTN was tossing up the idea of tempting the gods by bowling first, but then remembered we were one down, waiting on the Sticks. On the way to WACA YCFTN was intercepted and I must have won the toss, without having to toss, as batting was offered to us by the opposition. See Umpires, the oppositions know we bat first, why can't you understand this universal constant?

A masterful set of partnerships ensued starting with Jacko and Kleenex, both whippets between the wickets they seemed natural pairing. That was sorely during at least on instance when Kleenex bunted the ball, run up the pitch, tapped Jacko on the shoulder and called yes. Luckily the fielders were confused by this and fumbled the ball enough to allow Jacko perambulate to the strikers end. The partnership was 32.

The Zak chasers, Conan and Bukkake were up second. Plenty of lusty swinging, wickets and a couple of zaks. One each according to the scoresheet to come out with 35 which, according to Splash, takes him to one ahead of Mary.

The Back net defenders Sticks and YCFTN were up third. The only good shot, ie off the middle of the bat, YCFTN hit was the jackpot ball into the side net straight to a fielder who threw down the stumps whilst YCFTN was still a foot out of his ground. Boo!!!! "Times two" says the umpire, YCFTN turns around to view the damage to the scoreboard, expecting to see it very much broken, however much to his surprise 4 little runs were shining back. Woo Hoo!! Must have felt sorry for YCFTN, since YCFTN batted like a plastic test match playing figure and running like a upright praying mantis with an Inzy hip. Sticks managed to bag a zak for himself.

This left the final pairing of CDT mainstays Herc and Schlang, given their long and pottered history together this "could" be good. Their second over yeilding three consequtive zak attempts by bang-Schlang-alang resulting in only one making it onto the scoresheet. First attempt went straight into the back net players chest. Second one was a little higher just under the netball ring and straight out the back of the net. Dead ball to be rebowled, third ball, magnificently bowled in exsactly the same spot for Schlang, who had his eye in now to finally bang it back to the back net on the full. Unfortunately for the crowd the run out attempt missed and Schlang had his zak.
Roll onto the 16 over and Herc, obviously spurred on by his cohort decided to get in on the zak action. Herc, now playing his Mary inspired batting advancing down the pitch hit back to back zaks off a Woden Wanderer first grade bowler. Needless to say young Callam was less than impressed at being hit for back to back zaks by a retired 6th grade bowler. Oh the humility... And to add insult to injury those two zaks took Hercs run score to 13.

Da Famulee final score 124. Not a large total, not usually able to be defended given our history, but we shall see.....

Bukkake and Sticks opened the first two overs without luck, Jacko managed to snare a wicket and a zak and bang schlang managed to grab a wicket to. Unfortunately this meant that the opening batting partnership exited the field on a smiddy.

YCFTN opened the bowling against the second pairing and bowled a steady line, pity one of the batters was left handed and meant that that line needed to move to make the adjustment of the lefthander*. Kleenex burgled a couple of wickets, Herc was struggling. and Pretty eyes only one wicket. The batters left the field with 39, taking the team total to 89.

124 was looking in real danger of being surpassed quite soon unless we could jag some more wickets. Jacko opened preceedings and bowled some nice pills. One that attempted to scalp Bukkake before the greatest shave as it took off like a rocket, most likely hitting that lovely seam in the carpet just in front of the batter. Schlang and Sticks complemented each other nicely allowing the batters no combined in the two overs. Schlang with a -2 and Sticks +2. Then Pretty Eyes Conan The Destroyer came on in the 12 overs bagged 4 wickets to have teh batters reeling over the ground with a partnership of -6.

Not sure what to say at this point, YCFTN was hurting, Herc strained something riding a push bike and Sticks was having a shocker in the field.

Bukkake bowled a tight over and Herc took a few wickets even juggling then dropping a catch to Jacko off his own bowling, double ka-ching bu at least it helps your bowling figures. Kleenex was hit around a little and then YCFTN hobbled to bowl the final over. Winning was a certainty at this point but YCFTN was wanting more wickets, so Mandkad was pulled out of the bag. This obviously shit the non striker off cause when he faced the next ball his brain left him as he advanced down the pitch and he was duly stumped.

Ring Ins final score, not much change after the second batting pair 89. Da Famulee continue their winning ways with their 6th straight win.

Kleenex had no fines so YCFTN could not let this go so using the power of the captains fine, ensured all who thought they had escaped finage were fined.

Graveyard shift again next week, so beers a frivolity from 8.30 in the bar. ciao for now.

Bukkake 3,500 Career Runs
Pretty Eyes 100 Career Wickets
Pretty Eyes 200 Season Runs

* some say cheating left hander

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