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The Cold Shoulder

(Season 23 Game 19)

Well CDT's, Tuesday 22 Feb saw another pieced together group of barely eight ... "players" assemble at the House of Blardyfarken, for a six-fiddy special.

Herscehlle, Forrest, Mary, Pretty-Eyes, Boo-cake, Herca and Cali were prepared... mainly to greet Schlangy with a 'cha-ching' when he finally arrived.

In the spirit of the post Herc & Hersch - Treaty of Versailles, we gathered down stairs, in front of court before the end of the previous game. The umpire for the night was determined to throw a coin in the air, even though our foes for the evening, Founding Fathers, wanted to field and I stuck with the usual tactic of wanting to bat.... eventually, the proposition was explained slowly and with words of two or fewer syllables and Christian understood.

I sent Forrest as usual out to open, accompanied by Herschelle. The second pairing were to be Pretty-Eyes and Mary, Mal-arkies and Herc third, with Schlany and Cali bringin up the proverbial....

All in all we batted well, with one of the fielding team, commenting to Herca during his innings, that he "hoped you blokes bowl $h1t, 'cos you're batting too good"..... Herca nearly fell over, after what the web-site tells me in 346 games, starting in the very first game, he had NEVER heard this said of a team representing the Purple & Lime Green. Thanksfully, he was able to re-assure the young Founding Father... that this team was capable of almost anything, as long as it didn't involve actual catching, or throwing down stumps, when in the field.

The first pair managed a healthy half century - 53 in fact, with two zaks to Forrest. The second pairing saw Mary score a half century from his own stick, a fine 51 with three zaks, placing him two ahead of Car-Keys. Pretty-Eyes playing a supporting role with 27 of his own, for a partnership of 78 and a total of 131. The third pairing saw Khaki's throw his bat around, in an attempt to catch up the two zak lead by Mary... managing just the one and a score of 24. Herca leading the way with a zak of his own and 29 runs, for another half-century partnership and a team total of 184... surely, we could break the double-tonne! Surely!

Cali and Schlang finish this briyant inning.... Cali swinging like the ball came from a dude tossing it off the mound.... and Schlangy dabbing his way around the front court, channeling Pabs (one score to Schlangy in the back court) having faced four balls in the first over and one each in the next three for a total of 14 from seven balls faced. Cali managed a fine nine in the last over, eight of which were from no-balls! The team total......... 207.

Phew, something to field to.

We started the second part of the game well, keeping the opposition first pairing to a total of one. With Schlangy taking 5/-23 in the fourth over.

Mary followed that up with a 0/29 in over five.... that new pairing making a total of 46 and Mary making the magic, jackpot, dropped catch, parry off his own bowling, zakked pill to start.... cha-ching, cha-ching, cha-ching, cha-ching, cha-ching, cha-ching.....

The next pairing for Founding Fathers made 38, taking their total to 85. A good lead for Da Famulee, with highlights being ..... just two wickets, one caught and one bowled in all four overs. However, Mary's second over, being the 12th going for only 1/3 - a vast improvement on his starting over and some sensationally quick, swinging deliveries.

The last four overs by Da Famulee also saw only two wickets in all 32 deliveries. A caught and one of the stumpings that Pretty-Eyes imagines is so frequent... clearly keeping his eyes open for one and getting the gloves to the right place.... to his chagrin though, it was off My-Car-Key's bowling.

At some stage in this final four, we saw Mary "swoop, pick up and flick a throw to the bowlers end".... finishing with a loud, girlie squeal... and Mary writhing on the ground, having thrown out his shoulder. A delay of a minute or two, while we established that: a) it was back in, b) it hurt a lot more than the first time he did the same, and c) he needed to leave the ground.

We finished the last over or two with seven and managed to keep the batters to only 43 runs, the Founding Fathers total at 128 and a resounding win of 79 runs, for our fourth win in a row, to The Partridge Famulee.

Later news, revealed the Mary had to make his way to Canberra Hospital that evening. His shoulder is back, but the big-man won't be in the fabulous Hawaiian for some time to come. Heal well Mary. Drop down for a drink and to shoot the $h1t sometime.....

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