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Snatching a draw from the hands of Victory

(Season 22 Game 27)

Another 8.10 pm start on the M.C.G for the Chickeney Duck Things and it seems like every week it’s the same time and same court…I’m pretty sure there’s a centre court but I’m not too sure where it is though, Anyway back to the important stuff Mediocre Indoor Cricket and it would be the Founding Fathers that would be facing the famulee and this night 3 teams where playing for a spot in the finals

Founding Fathers ???pts
Partridge Famulee 160pts
Polar Bears 150pts

And would be the Founding Fathers to bat?? That’s right the umpire in all his wisdom made the toss without yours truly so I can only assume we lost the toss and was asked to take the field.

Boo Cakes a.k.a bukaki would open the bowling and a great first ball keeping the jackpot ball to a close side net the rest of the over was very tidy only letting 3 singles 2 singles off a close side net and with only one leg wide in the over plus a dot ball Boo Cakes would keep the opening pair to 11. The next over by shangly would be even tighter taking a great wicket and restricting the pair to 4 off 8 balls

Next in was the captain Cali (insert knuckles singing tupacs California Love) And Fallowing Shangly’s over Cali would need the pressure up and a dot ball 3 leg wides (CHA CHING!) and knocking out middle and leg, cali would keep the over to 4.Herc would give a massive 4th over with plenty of dot balls and only letting in 5 singles, so with a great first skin Partridge would hold the fathers to 24.

In the next 3 skins the Chickeney Duck Things would keep mediocrity to a max with pressure fielding from Herc, Cali and Boo Cakes and tight bowling from Shlangy, Knuckles and Forrest and not to leave Conan with his strange no look chuck at the wickets, but then probably more effective then cali’s chuck it has hard as possible (sorry Boo Cakes).

So it would 128 for Partridge to advance into the finals and Cali sent the Big hitting pair of Forrest and Conan and outside a couple of wickets the pair to the attack to the Founding Fathers with 2 zaks to Forrest and only 1 zac to Conan the pair would slap the ball around the nights for a healthy 57 to secure the Skin, Forrest Top scoring with 33 and Conan with 24.

Next in was Cali’s brain child thought of send in the arguably the teams Biggest hitters Knuckles and Car Keys to chase down the biggest skin of the night 47 and well what can I say it backfired on Cali something bad the pair for most of the ski was battling to keep the scoreboard from flashing shouts of “why is the scoreboard broken” but late in the 4th over the pair managed to get even with 6.. Bukaki would stay in the minus with -6 and knuckles with a positive 12.

The third pair would be Herc and Cali, so cali would lose the toss and would face the first ball from a Founding Father by the name of Sao??....fair enough and off the jackpot ball cali would hit a 5 off the back net doubling to 10 and giving Herc the strike…the pair would set the tone for there innings turning over strike and playing sensible well till the first ball in 4th over cali thought it would awesome charge and play a sweep shot? You can all guess what happen…..that’s right cali stumped AGAIN! With the back net only being hit once and Forrest reminding the pair of there lame dabage was a massive question of there sexuality..Herc and cali would post 43 for the innings with Herc on 19 and Cali on 24.

The last pair was Hersh and Shlangy the pair would 22 for the win and they where off to a great start posting 9 off the first over with 3 to go things got tight with plenty of dot balls and a couple of wickets it all came down to the last ball on the 4th over shlangy needed to hit close to the back net to get the 3 runs needed for the win but glady from the Founding fathers pitched the ball on middle and leg and close to the stumps, shlangy played a great shot but it wasn’t enough only scoring 2 making it a tie game.

It was a great game and played in a great spirit both teams would look to the next game between The Festers Jesters and polar bears…pork hunts although the bears did win with only 2 skins there win to loss ratio was not enough in the bloodyfarkin system to go through to the finals.

Congrats to all the Partridge famulee for what has to be one of the longest seasons ever!! . Notable Performance of the night in cali’s eyes where Forrest with a top score of 33 Shlangy for some real tight bowling and Bukaki for quick hands behind the stumps…and finally Herc for make a positive pair score with Cali.

Next weeks game is against the Festers Jesters @ you guessed 8.10pm and that’s right the farkin M.C.G

This is cali signing off reminding you if in doubt CHARGE!!

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