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Six Fiddy (I think)

(Season 22 Game 19)

Hello again sports fans, welcome to another chronicle where too much sport will be played by the opposition and Da Famulee, purveyors of all pieces of fine craftsmanship coloured purple and/or lime green will just take it one day at a time, pick up the ball and run with it and see how it washes up at the end of the day.

The opposition would be The Ducks, and they brought their A Game with them. In the first skin they answered the bell and then the ball was in our court to answer. We wouldn't pull any punches, and if they wanted to play hardball then we would give them hardball. They could talk a good game but we turned up to play today and we would give it our best shot and go down swinging. Turns out that during their second pair we were getting the upper hand and it was time to push on and drive them into the ground, hoping nothing we did would come back to haunt us and we wouldn't leave the opposition in a league of their own at the final siren.

We knew we would have to dig deep as indoor can be a game of inches and I still thought we were feeling each other out. It was turning into a real pressure cooking nail biting nip and tuck game which see-sawed. The fans were really getting their money's worth.

The two teams were fighting tooth and nail like a couple of heavyweights and then something happened that changed the complexion of the game.
You could feel the momentum swinging. What a difference a week makes. Their third pair came to the crease and you could feel the electricity. The crowd was really into it now, going wild, on their feet. It was a whole new ballgame. The competitive juices were flowing and the CDTs were playing inspired cricket. In what could have been the turning point we bowled 4 overs at them and those could have turned the tide of the game.

It was turning out to be a shame somebody had to lose this game. In a master stroke that was stuff for the highlight reel we also bowled 4 overs at their last pair, which was a page right out of the textbook. Da Famulee was having a whale of a monster game, setting the tone of the game in the opening and middle exchanges, you couldn't have written a better script, the game had turned into a chess match. Time was of the essence and the clock was our ally.

We were within striking distance now, we had a real cricket game on our hands. As our first pair hit the court to bat they scratched and clawed their way back into the game. They were playing with a sense of urgency, dodging bullets and getting the occasional big break. Some great individual efforts that you can't teach were present, with only a couple of missed opportunities but they couldn't quite put us away. It was about here that things started to play on the minds of the players, they had to stay focused and continue to give 110 percent and remember that there's no "I" in team. Records are made to be broken and tonight was no exception.

The final score is the only statistic that matters and we had to want it more than they did. We had to out-hustle them, out-muscle them, get a wake-up call and stay mentally prepared. We had to take our chances not let them slip away. We couldn't care about moral victories or let them catch us on an off night.

There was no need to panic, there was plenty of time left if we were good enough. With 8 overs left we couldn't come out flat or we would beat ourselves.
We only had to look in the mirror. It would be a bitter pill to swallow and a long ride home if we didn't get the job done. We had to maintain the intensity for the entire 80 minutes.

So we got back into our rhythm, made some adjustments and went back and regrouped both as a team and individually. We maintained our composure. got back on track and circled the wagons. We had our heads in the game now and didn't go to the well once too often. We weren't out of it yet we were still hanging around there was still plenty of cricket left in this game, we just had to slowly chip away at the lead and not go quietly or say die.

The game was getting out of hand, when it rains it pours and the final four overs really took the wind out of their sails. In what could have been the knock-out punch, the back breaker, the dagger that sealed their fate and drove the final nail in the coffin the wheels just fell off the opposition bus. Lights out. The Ducks were self-destructing, the rout was on, it was turning into a real shellacking train wreck. It could have gotten ugly.

The Famulee roster were stepping up now. They were all digging deep. The wily veteran while being our elder statesman had great durability and a new lease on life. While he's lost a step or two and the old arm just isn't what it used to be but he won't retire until it's over, he wants to go out on top.

The rookie was in the third grade when the CDT who bowled the last over started his career. He's had an up and down season.

As for the keeper, he's the only player left from their championship days, the fans still love him he's a great role model and an ambassador of the sport. He's done so much for the game he's one of the all-time greats. He gives a lot back to the community and he's an icon in this town.

Da Partridge were entering the final stretch now, you've got to hand it to them and give them all the credit the best team won today. The Ducks have nothing to be ashamed of we just made the big plays and they didn't. They didn't match our intensity.

I don't want to point fingers about how we won but there were too many defensive lapses on their part, they dug themselves a deep hole, shot themselves in the foot and the ball just didn't bounce their way.

I'm really proud of our guys it's been a great ride. That was just huge. Great. Gutsy. A lot of factors were at play in our win. The injury factor. The fatigue factor. The clock factor. The time factor. The wind factor. The humidity factor. The altitude factor. The experience factor. The psychological factor. The motivation factor. The revenge factor. The mental factor. And not forgetting the most important factor of all, the X-factor.

Tune in the same time next week for more mediorcity at 9.30pm. The new midnight.

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