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Lucky Charm

(Season 22 Game 18)

It was a 8:10pm start for the boys in the blue and the Temperature dropping past -1000 and the North American was wondering why the Weston Creek Indoor Didnt have larger heaters but once he had a look at the state of the place it all made sense....But there Where more concerning factors like Where is the big C and where are the missing players as 8:10 approached we had herc, hersh, the man from cali and michelle who is our lucky charm..but can not play.

So it would be 8:10 and no big C who also had the shirts..CHA CHING! it would be the man from the great land of USA to captain the partridge as Pablo was no where to be seen, cali won the toss and as always the famulee would bat first and was Herc and Forrest to go in and set the platform and as the first ball was sent cries of CHA CHING! Pablo would be fined for not having shirts by game time and not being present by game time..OUCH!

So back to the action and outside a couple of zacks from the pair it was not to be the platform cali was thinking it may of been herc would struggle with the bat and managed 6 runs after 4 overs Forrest would double Herc with 12 runs and with soundres the pair had 18 at the end of their dig.

Next in would be Mr. Dabage aka Pablo and the big hitting conan and to be honest the first over would be forgettable conan was bowled twice and pablo would keep the bat frozen for the over and at the end of 8 the pair put up 31 with pablo at 9 and conan far from a tone at 22. So the third pair of Nitty (not the rap sensation who gave us the smash hit..Nasty Girl) and Mr. consistent.. Hersh and outside the slow start the pair would smash the ball around as the men in the tight yellow shirts know as I Slog.. had no idea the pair would both put up 33 so if my American education is correct and the end of 12 the pair put up a healthy 66 and the famulee was sitting well on 115.

The last would be the call in captain Mr. swing as hard as you can and prey harder..Cali and the man with the strangest nickname bukkaki? or Car keys? or is it boo cakes? all i know is he can strike the ball with some power smashing 31 runs with 2 zacks and a 4 as cali would put up a pb of 24 with his bat and only being stumped once so at the end of 16 the pair had 55 and partridge would set a healthy target of 170.

Partridge would take the field and with great bowling and alot of drop catches cha ching! and some great ballet work from hersh in the deep the Famulee would hold I Slog to 111 note worthy performances from hersh, boo cakes and herc and conan.... Cali caught and bowled for his 25th wicket for the season and with some tight fielding by Pablo, Nitty and Forrest it would be another win and making it 3 wins in a row and keeping cali as the most winningest captain? and A big thanks to michelle for coming out to help continue winning streak. next weeks game will be at the 6:?? pm time slot. This is Cali signing off and Remember if in Doubt charge and swing as hard as possible. PEACE!
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