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C Junkie and a ball in the eye

(Season 22 Game 2)

So there we were assembled for game two of season six brazillion and twenty six. Cries of we'll bat allowed the toss to fall in our favour, and we batted, with the poosandwees or Thelma and Louise (or Forrest and Bush) opening up. And true to form we had to head downstairs half way through the first over so Forrest could hear us sledging. The score went from -10 to -13 to -11 and finally to 0. Forrest facing the first ball of the first over saving Bush from a goldie off the bat (and it would have been about the only thing off the bat in the first four overs). With the captain's fine of an even score being declared before the off, both Forrest and Bush would come in fined, with -8 from senior and +8 from junior.

Herschelle and some bloke called Peter were in next, and a solid platform started being built with a T in a box off the first ball (apparently worth two). It was all uphill from there, with 29 on the board after their efforts.

Hercules and YCFTN were next up and a solid 45 found us with 74 after 12 overs and risking a defendable total.

The North American connection, sporting a North Sydney Bears jersey and a Mardi Gras outfit respectively, were next and last, and despite some lusty swinging from Cali who appears to have been watching cricket on the interwebs (which is apparently the other purpose for the interwebs) they scored 25 and we fell short of three figures.

Canada was first to the mound in the field, and pitched a good half innings, with a couple of balls before he hit the strike zone for a double play followed by ball one. Six extras and two wickets in an over, a sterling effort that. Herc, Forrest and Herschelle finished off the first pair with some luck and some missed opportunities, and they had 20 after four overs and we were ahead according to Messrs. Duckworth and Lewis should the rain come.

The scoresheet here appears to list Forrest (it says cum junkie) but it was actually Bukkake bowling this over, and he went for 10 bowling without luck. New boy Peter bowled the next one and then Bush stepped up and got cracked in the melon for his efforts, and the bag of frozen peas were called into play as he copped one right in the eye. A ball. No, a cricket ball. Really. Bush had a sit down at this point and here was where the wheels started to fall off as we went for 12, 14, 14 off the next three overs. Herc brought it back a little but by the time Peter had trundled the 11th over down they were already ahead, and while Canada only went for 2 off the 12th we couldn't stop the rot, with Hersch, Bukkake and the rest bowling us to a magnificent antivictory by a shitload.

Notable performances:

Canada with 6 extras in the first over, three wickets for 6 overall bowling and a positive net worth.
Bukkake with +14 net and the three points.

Bring on next week as we once again decide our own fate by winning more grading games and destining ourselves to B grade and six more months of getting flogged by teams we've never heard of...

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