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More fillins than toothless grin

(Season 21 Game 13)

In light of recent machinations regarding the team, venue and availability it was with a slightly despondent mood that the collection of chickeny duck things gathered at the house of blardyfaken. Having only 6 named players YCFTN was attempting to calculate the odds of a win, not so good with only 6 players however last time we played Festers Jesters we won by 141. So which way would it go tonight. When Festers took to the field, because YCFTN won the toss and elected to bat, things were looking up. At least it would be an even 6 a side game.

YCFTN then decided to bat in alphabetical order, so Harry and Herc were up first. Shooting out of the blocks like a grey hound the first two overs were a blur with 42 runs scored by the end of the second over. The next over was a breather with the pair not troubling the score board at all and obviously peaking too early the score board starting going the other way. 32 Runs after the first pair. Still an acceptable partnership.

Herschelle and Kleenex took a leaf from the first partnership, Hersch lost the rock off but scored on the jackpot ball, joining the jackpot zak club. After the first over the first partnership score was surpassed, 33 off the first over. Surely... The following three overs steadily scored less runs after the initial burst. A very nicely compiled partnership of 54.

Last partnership was Mary and Schlang, well may not be last as Christian found two reprobates in the bar to bolster the numbers Rory and Danny*. Contrary to the previous two partnerships this one decided to make it interesting breaking the scoreboard in the first two overs and then scraping back the deficit in the following two overs to finish on a platform 14. Bang Schlang, well it wasn't his night, any ball he hit into the air was caught.

Rory and Danny kept the scoreboard ticking along the whole partnership with the occasional zak for good measure coming out on 51. With the final score being on 151 surely we could defend it.

With the bowling, the naming rotation was out the door, bowlers were basically picked at random. Although this is probably the case most weeks.

The first wave over the top, from Mary, Kleenex, Danny and Schlang, bowled extremely well snaring wickets in each of their overs keeping the first partnership to just 11 runs. If it weren't for the fact that there were two zaks the partnership would have been up for a goldie or two, if they played for da famulee.

The second wave of Harry, Herc, Rory and Mary again bowled tight unfortunately Hercs line wasn't quite on tonight and of the partnership of 20, 21 came from Hercs first over. Opposition score on a poultry 31. 120 Runs in the lead and two skins to boot, it was all looking good...

It was about this time da team relaxed and let the third partnership get away with the third skin, quite easily although defending only 14 was always going to be tough. Festers Jesters one skin and 73 runs to win. It was about that time that I realised this girl guide was 5 stories tall.... sorry got a bit lost that we surely could loose the last skin of 51 and the game....

The last attack of Rory, Schlang, Harry and Hersch was supposed to be the nail in the Festers coffin however the batters had other ideas in the first three over dabbing all over the place with only Schlang picking up one wicket. The Hersch came on for the final over, opposition score at 113 ( not a likely win from here), partnership on 35 chasing 51, what could possibly go wrong? couple more dabbage runs and a run out saw the batter teeter. Hersch thought, badly as it turned out, to throw in a slower delivery which was promptly dealt with to the back net for a zak. Another couple of runs and the final ball of the game with the partnership on 45, needing a zak to get the skin. Hersch bowls, the batter swings, connects with the ball sending it back over Herschs head, farrrkkkkk, slap! Into Marys jumping, yes jumping, out stretched hand. Bang on. Skin and Game to da famulee.

Thank you to what ever deity you follow.

Herc 100 Runs for the season.

No doubt this win will put us back into the top grade after 13 grading games and it will be back to the beltings next week.

Until next time, hoo rah!

*Name may have actually been called Joey

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