Kincaid Chronicle

Harry at the Helm

(Season 21 Game 7)

i was advised that seeing i got pronounced to captain last night i had to
supply a match report.

so to the best that my memory serves me (im trying to block it out) here it

So with the 530 start and dwindling number Da Famulee took to the feild, as
the other team had 3 to start. with a new face to join in for numbers young
CJ (aka Hedwig. Ed) was brought along by myself to give him a taste of Da Famulee's style
and grace within the netted area. Hersch opened the bowling. first skin
through with CJ Herc and myself having a tack. 22 the first skin.

2nd skin begins. another all round effort with a few "?" efforts called.

3rd skin got away alittle from the family with one playing not moving his
bloody farking feet and hitting mostly everything. hersch came back on the
attack for a double figure. CJ applied the pressure again and myself came
i. as said skin got away from us a little with a few wickets taken. a
spoiled catch to herc (Cha-Ching) and a spectacular i dont wanna move put
my hand out theres the ball in it hersch catch. 46 (may have actually been jipped by the jealous spectators causing a ruckus, because the umpire was blind in our favour. Ed)

Last skin 2 bowlers were asked to bowl again. pabs and bevo were the
candidates. once again a few large hitters and the skin ended at 49. 142 to

First away in Da Famulees bid for success was Herc and Bukakke (sent in by
myself for punishment of the spoiled dropped catch). some beautiful hitting
from both and some lovely zak's and some close calls, the skin came to Da
famulee with a grand total of 47!!!!! enough to tie both 1sta nd 2nd skin.

Pabs was given the honour to choose his weapon of choice in partner. he
chose hersch. and da famulee was looking hot. with pab's dab's and herschs
i wanna hit this cross bat at the nearest person approach they accumulated
a hefty total of 50!!!!!!! Until they walked off and the umpire released he
has given a Zak for a 3 side net effort and took 4 off them. 46 it is.

CJ and Myself were next to attend the crease. and it didn't start well. no
need to speak about it cause it hurts to much. but CJ ended with a lovely
12 and myself 10. 22 for the skin. and some very dubious and unattractively
gay calls by the umpire saw a few costly wickets.

with a 7 man team it was to the opposing side to pick a batter to attend
with bevo. and the call of "either one of you guys" prompted me to stand up
and have another dig. the skin was going well with 23 to win. a comfortable
total. it began. communication lacking cause i was so darn tired ended in
some silly wickets and the total was getting further and further away. we
skipped to the last over. cause the rest is insignificant with some hitting
of the ball running between wickets and some bloody farking lame calls buy
the guy in the desk chair above. the last over is apon us. and 6 is the
total for the over to win the match. wicket down 11 to get. wicket. 16. few
dots. 5. 11 to get. a 2 makes it 9 to tie 10 to win.. last 2 balls. bevo
lines up walks down the pitch ZAK!!!!!!!!!! 3 to get for the win and i am
standing at the crease wondering what i have gotten myself into......

ball is bowled the tension filled the air its down leg side and i hit it
for 2. bloody farking stupid git.....

so a loss of one was conceived and 2 skins were won. enough from me i cant
bare the pain.


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