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Knuckles 250th

(Season 20 Game 19)

I have no idea who won the toss but we sat, milled around the bar, arrived late to find that we had 5, then 6 with Pablo turning up when he really should have been in bed as he looked like he should have been on a pig farm in Dunnedoo. Fortunately long time Partridge first time call up (this season) Conan Fulton filled in for one of the other missing positions. Iím not sure if we won the toss or the sympathy vote but we batted first. Platform from Bevo and Pabs of 21, reverse platform of 14 from Herc and Carkeys, High diving tower from Hersch and Conan with 50odd and dodginess all round from Knuckles who was carried by Herc. Knuckless ended up with a -1 even after hitting a zak.

In the field we sucked the big one and very few chances came our way let alone stuck. People bowled well in patches but there wasnít much to hurrah about. Hersch bowled with some fire, Pabs bowled well considering he was no good, Conan, this was one of those partridge games that mediocrity decided to watch from the sidelines.

Looking forward to the next 250 games of d u d e d ness

Yours in didnthavemuchfunednesstonight,

Other highlights

Bevo bowled a guy around his legs after he swayed back and swayed forth and swayed back again to let the ball waver past his legs onto leg stump.
Hersch nailed one of the batters in the leg in the first partnership, he didnt know what hit him until a microsecond later.
Bukkake nailed the same game two overs later in his other leg.
Kleenex bowled a guy with his last ball of his first over, the top of middle stump.

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